Jaguar S Type Diagnostic Tool: SDD / IDS V156 with Mongoose Yes, Icarsoft_930 No

Jaguar S Type Diagnostic Tool advice: SDD/IDS V156 with Mongoose is confirmed working fine, Icarsoft_930 lacks some features.


Car model and year: Jaguar S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 – 2008



Program replacement modules

Read / erase codes


Tools owned:

SDD/IDS V130 with Mongoose



  1. Vote IDS/SDD and a genuine or clone Mongoose cable:

By far the best is getting IDS/SDD and a genuine or clone Mongoose cable for programming modules.


The i930 gets good reviews but I’m not keen. Mine wiped the configuration of the ABS/DSC module just when clearing a fault code and needed re-calibrating with IDS.

I’ve also noticed many live readings are way off, in fact just about anything measured in degrees are many, many times out on my 2001 car.


  1. Vote SDD :

My iCarsoft LR V2.0 doesn’t seem to work correctly on anything pre 2005/6 that would use Ford/Jaguar IDS.

Seems ok on later cars that would use SDD, although as others have mentioned, not sure you can rely on the live readings. Worse is iCarsofts seeming lack of interest in sorting this out! Although I had been happy with the old i930, iCarsoft have definitely lost a customer!

IDS/SDD is obviously best as it’s a main dealer level tool, but cloned mongoose cables are not always up to programming modules. It seems some have had problems with them in the past. It’s also not that user friendly. I run V131 on a stand alone XP pro lap top & have a seemingly good clone mongoose that has never caused me any issues. I ALWAYS connect a good battery charger/power supply to the car when doing anything more than basic diagnostics, as the constant ignition on/off cycles that are often required will soon pull even the best battery down, & that’s when problems arise. Best to have the lap top running on mains electric also to remove the risk of it’s battery getting low & shutting things down half way through a session.


  1. Those who have both iCarsoft i930 and SDD with Mongoose cable:

Having both, the i930 is OK, but lacking in many features and the live data is next to useless on my 2001 V6.

IDS/SDD is great to have once you’ve got it working, but awkward to use and was a real pain to setup. I’m a one man band IT support company and it took me days to get a version up and running on an old laptop running XP Pro.

Video: How to install JLR Mangoose SDD V154 software on Windows 7



SDD with cloned mongoose cables is better than iCarsoft i930


Then followed one question “a reliable source for the cable for IDS/SDD? ”

Here provide this link


They do offer a cheaper alternative, but by their own admission, it is made in a different factory to a lower quality, make sure their item number is SP205, not SP205-B. For the software, V130 or V131 seem good stable options & provide full diagnostics & when combined with the SPA files support programming all modules, ignore the later versions supplied with the cable, they often seem to be accompanied by a few bugs! & do not support off line programming (You will need the supplied driver files for the cable or will need to download them). Alternatively, the Virtual Box VMs created by themindbuddah in these very forums have received good reviews & may be an easier option.


JLR SDD V125 V130 V138:





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PS: The software is clean and only misuse or inexperience will cause any issues. ECM/Module flashing be sure you know what your doing

I take no responsibility for any damage done to your car or equipment with use of this software.


Test reports:

Confirmed that the Mongoose cable from works fine. I downloaded V130 using the links in the stickys section and found the original driver on the Drew website. Took a while to download to my pretty ancient IBM Thinkpad with XP on it but boots up quickly now and connects to my 04 V6 S Type and another members 07 Diesel S Type with no issues.