KTM Bench ECU chip Tuning Reviews

KTM bench ECU programmer test reports on what it can do and can’t do, KTM bench features in read and write ECU without opening the ecu and solder boot.


  1. I d say it’s good. (KTM Bench) better than clone ktag, no need to open ecu and solder boot!



  1. On windows x86.. KTM Bench Work 100%


  1. received one yesterday.

Working so far, haha.

Trying to find some egpt pinouts.

Tested volvo edc17cp22 and vag cp14 and working.

Some others dont seem to work.

looking for volvo med17 and siemens sid807 gpt.

Bdw. im running on win 7 32bit



  1. Not work until 06/10/2019:

problems with sm2 soft for pcm flash.

On scanmatic homepage is info about it.

problems with gpt, module 53,71 on pcm flash.

new hardware uppdate, have not tested yet.


  1. For what ECU models it can cover, you can download the software to have an overview.


Pass: pzo9jz


Tested working with KTM Bench interface:




1) KTM Bench price is one third of the scanmatic price.

2) It works offline

3) Can calculate checksum


To be continued…


Thanks to all users’ real test.