How to change region/firmware on W222 Comand using DOIP

I live in the USA and fix flood damaged Mercedes for a hobby, I currently have two of them that need the region changing on the comand but I have no idea how to do this. I bought some comand units from Europe and from Russia. They unlock fine, install fine in my USA vehicles, but they dont have USA Timezones, nor to they have the option for Sirius satellite radio. (Have installed USA navigation maps, they work fine).


One member told me I needed to change the firmware with Xentry then change the region with DTS Monaco. Not sure if that is correct

I have MB Star C4 mux and just bought an ECOM ACTIA DOIP programmer which should hopefully do the job. Have not setup the Ecom with Xentry yet, am told its pretty straightforward,

I also have my own SCN online coding account with Mercedes Benz.


Read procedure:


keep up with the newest update on:

Ece Comand 01 Usa Comand 02