Fixed! carprog 8.21 don’t read eeprom (24cxx,93cxx)

Question: carprog 8.21 doesn’t read eeprom (24cxx,93cxx)
Does not read instrument cluster (VW micronas,NEC850)
Key – transponder low signal (I changed the resistors)
1. replaced 150k with 15k (resistor)
2+3+4 here we need to solder a capacitor with aproximately 6-7 nF(put one or combine from 2-3 capacitors)
5. removed 100 nF capacitor
6. removed 100 pF capacitor
I swapped 74HC125 for 74HCT125D
Add 47uF 25v capacitor

Hw test is ok, and it still doesn’t work.

Carprog 8 21


Solution (CT forum poster’s experience):

My clone carprog 8.21 came with 74hct125d chips and wouldn’t read eeprom’s, i replaced with (74HCT125M) and worked fine then

I bought 74HCT125M chips from Farnell.


Clone carprog 8.21 source: