Carprog or jlink Honda CRV 2019 airbag reset pinout

Planning to read and write SPC560Px0. Honda CRV 2019 module 77960-tla-a320-m4. Carprog or jlink is the ideal hardware and software to use.


As for how to do it with carprog tool . Here Your connection:

Honda Srs Jlink Pinout


In the Carprog user instructions, there is pinout for your reference.

Like this one:


The hardware is as cheap as 60usd and the software is free to download:

Carprog V10.93(No need activation)
Carprog V10.5(No need activation)!8sB03bqZ!Ng7AkxEJspLcrxV-LXAKw146miVXXccBmNXXNXi3fpU

Carprog V8.21(password: ihk8mu. Needs activation but you will automatically get token renew after it used up)