(Solved) CarProg v11.01 WritesEeprom 93C76: Verify Error



CarProg 11.01 got vevify error whenthe eeprom 93c76 is tried to write. It can be read without any problem, but cannot be written. Connecting to it with A6 adapter. Need to de-solder the chip or how to do?

Any help will be appreciated.




Someone think “Chip always de solder and after read and write”


Actually…Not always desolder!!!


Some eeprom need to de-solder but also need additional 12v power adapter connected to carprog programmer.


Sometimes the circuit doesn’t allow write/modify so need to desolder. It is depending on the module you are working on. Don’t give up, just play with some modules and you will see how it is working


Well to be honest

If you have option for desolder, go boot, bdm, on bench serial connection. Do it, it is not alot more effort to do, anyway you avoid in most cases situations like “ori gone” or brick, and you will got full backup (obd for example mostly map area instead bdm full read).


In detail…

Carprog 10.05 perfect version:


Carprog 8.21 online version:


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