Carprog user manual

It’s a clone Carprog user manual. Here you go….
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• Powering up the carprog full v8.21:

CarProg can be used with external power supply (+7 – +12V
stabilized), only with USB connection or with diagnostic cable ( for ex. OBDII)
• Standard power socket (positive in the middle) voltage in range +7…14V
stabilized can be used in any cases. Use it when +12V voltage is required
(Transponder read/write, some MCU`s read/write)

• USB power from PC – 5V, 100mA:

Always must be connected because USB cable
is used for Device – PC communication. Is enough for small power consumption
operations (i.e. EEPROM read/write)
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• Using standard Car diagnostic Cable

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• Installing Carprog clone software:

Copy software from CD or from your support page on to any directory on your PC. Main CarProg file can be older version, just
click on Update-Internet and CarProg will by updated automatically.
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After update CarProg software must restart automatically and CarProg hardware update
must be done. Don’t disconnect CarProg USB cable while update process. If updates fail,
try again.

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