How to fix RSRwin file and ClipLauncher_x91 files increase in size?


Have been trying to install can clip:
181, 194, 196, 198 and 200 on my laptops:
Lenovo x200, Lenovo x201, lenovo x220 and Panasonic toughbook.

They all run windows 7 Pro 32bit. and they all have exactly the same issue.

RSRwin file and ClipLauncher_x91 files increase in size after installation (Can Clip RSRwin has changed 232Kb from 525Kb). It cause the program to show the message:

Your CLIP Installatio Is Corrupt



I found this>>try it may help

Finally I got answer from their engineer. There are two options to do:

1) install IE8,

2) install older version Vida Dice.

About the detailed Vida dice installation and diagnostic, the video can be very helpful

after open this link, click Video to watch or contact the customer service.


Or you can directly watch video on Renault CAN Clip V195 Windows 7 Install: