FBS3 Smart key Xhorse or CG MB: Table + Reviews

XI have seen some comments, from customers of these FBS3 smart keys. Can we unlock and reused these aftermarket smart keys, if they the keyless fails? And is there a differences between Xhorse and cgdi?


Look at the table below:

FBS3 Smart key Xhorse VS FBS3 Smart key CG MB

Item No. FBS3 Smart key Xhorse FBS3 Smart key CG MB
Image Xhorse Mercedes Benz Fbs3 Smart Key 01 Cg Mercedes Benz Fbs3 Smart Key 02
Manufacturer XHORSE By CGDI
Full Smart Full Smart Full Smart
Frequency 433Mhz/315Mhz 315Mhz
Allow set the frequency between 315MHz and 433MHz Support. The method: 1. in vvdi mb software (update software to latest version)…look at the image. 2. manually by soldering / desoldering the FRE resistor (marked red in picture Here) Not support
Can be renewed Yes Yes
How many times can it be erased? No limit No limit
How to erase the key The key supports erasing by infrared repeatedly (vvdi mb) 1). Manual Reset
a. First press the Trunk button
b. Then press the LOCK button until the key indicator keeps turning on
c. Wait for 1 second, Press the UNLOCK button until the key indicator flashes twice.
d. Key has been erased successfully
2) Renew via CGDI MB
Workable car models W204, W207, W212, W164, W166, W221 BGA Key(the FBS3 models after 2010) W221-S series, W216-S series, W164-ML series, W251-R series, W166-ML series, W164-GL series, 207 C Series, 204 C Series, 212 E series (the FBS3 models after 2009)
Workable Device VVDI MB,CGDI MB multi Benz key programmers: VVDI MB, CGDI MB, AVDI etc.
Workable key type BGA -76/78 BGA -76/78
Update Yes, can update. Yes, can update.

Xhorse Mercedes Benz Fbs3 Smart Key 05

Xhorse Mercedes Benz Fbs3 Smart Key 04


The regular xhorse fbs3 key, to swapp 315mhz and 433mhz.
This is only possible using xhorse MB.
So they are not a 100% the same.
At least they are not with the same key is
I have cgdi tool, and acces to vvdi mb.
So I Will order xhorse smart Keys,