Godiag GD801 Key Programmer Feedback

Ordered Godiag GD801 key programmer and feedback: I ordered it, It’s almost the obdstar dp plus 500 € cheaper! it is promising … to see over time!


Update: I received my godiag. I was able to test on megane 3 and 508 rxh 2017.Coding megane card online in 20s. The 508 instant pin code extraction and nickel key coding …. great stuff for the moment! To be continued.


Someone asked me: Does it work with internet connection?

My answer is: some models require internet connection. This was the case for the Mégane.


And someone asked: Are you informed if it will block or not in case we do not renew the update?

My answer is: I saw on a site that it still worked even after the update period but I do not know where … One detail that bothers me is that they offered me the renault adapter to make the last Renault cars but they are not in the list! (Megane iv, talisman etc) …. I sent them an email I’m waiting for their reply.


Compared with obdstar Pro 4, Godiag GD801 comes with the additional mileage correction and the French language.

The French language is word for word translation which sometimes we understand better when it is in English or it is really the ideal tool for a French.

I have Godiag GD801 in English only … but I prefer it because the translation is often approximate!


Okay, godiag is also a brand, and it is reliable and stable.

godiag gd801 2008 ford mondeo mileage correction 02 - Godiag GD801 Key Programmer Feedback

To be updating…

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