With what tool u can cover big amount of locksmith job for start

There are no lack of locksmith tools, when you need to constantly update something. The first thing is that are you ready to constantly invest in equipment? Because many people think that they bought it once and all. I am aware that electronics evolve and that the tools change without cessation, thereafter there is no problem to invest again if necessary.


With this tool u can cover very big amount of locksmith job for start ..

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for cutting:

Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine

Works on Mobile Phone APP with Built in Battery.

Some manual side cutting machine (cheap)


My first machine is Dolphin 007, belive me, no need to improve any skills , i cut almost 50 keys till now and every key is good.
i also want to buy Defu machine but thank to god i did not buy. my frend buy defu, it is ok, he work with those machine but if you have money buy Condor 007


What about Defu 368?

The very first machine I bought was a Defu – the dearer of the two laser key versions. It worked for laser keys, and it was really just for personal use – it was cheaper than buying two keys from the dealer. It needed a bit of fettling, and I learned a bit using it.


As a learning experience, or to do a few keys, or as a backup machine, it’s well worth the money.

As a serious commercial key cutting machine? No.


for copies:

KD X2, and VVDI mini key tool


For vag:

VVDI2 and VVDI prog

vvdi 2 full 13 options: no subscription on VVDI2 tool


For Renault:

OBDSTAR x300dp


For PSA:

OBD STAR x300dp


for the next 20%:

Autel IM508 and xp400pro



vag, renault, psa (around 400 euros)


In addition:

With OBDstar and Autel you will cover all your job like beginner in this job, more than enough to start and see what u missing in short time.

I start only with KD X2.


for Automatic machine.. yes you decode with lishi and directly input manual biting and cut . but you need to much practice about this job with lishi. it is not soo easy but not so hard when you understand what are you doing. practice, practice and practice.

Personally I buy locks on scrapyard, put on bench and try to unlock, decode …


U need more than money for this job. u need to read & search.


Alright, all of the above locksmith tools are decent and you can search their good reviews.

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