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Free download 2016.6 BMW KSD ICOM A2 software

June 28, 2016 sales 0

06.2016 BMW KSD is one of ICOM A2 software that offers full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming. Free download BMW KSD [06.2016]: Note: Continue Reading →

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2016.2 ISTA+ ICOM A2 ISTA-D 3.53 ISTA-P 3.57

March 17, 2016 sales 0

2016.2 BMW ICOM A/ A2 Rheingold is released with STA-D 3.53.30 ISTA-P without USB dongle supporting engineer programming and working well on the newest BMW G series vehicles, and also, in this version, ISTA+ is added. Operating system: Windows 8 Workable tool: ICOM A ICOM A2 emulator Continue Reading →

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How to solve super ICOM WinKFP Error 300

November 25, 2015 sales 0

Here’s the solution for how to fix WinKFP error 300: First HW interface could not be initialized, for bmw super icom v2015.8. Complaint: Just got super iCOM 2015.8V, but failed to open WinKFP. Didn’t know how to setting, without instruction on the screen. And it pop up error 300: First HW inte Continue Reading →

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Super ICOM Newest V2015.05 Update Online

August 7, 2015 sales 0

Super ICOM Software for BMW ICOM and ICOM A2 is now available to the newest V2015.05 via update online (Official website: Software installed based on Windows® 8.1 64-Bit OS, fitting most of the laptops or PC in the market with SATA port. You are recommended to directly downlo Continue Reading →