How to repair MPPS V18 Tricore cable?

December 21, 2017 sales 0

  Here is the info i have found on the Internet from MPPS V18 china device.   MPPS V18 PCB Schematics MPPS V18 Tricore Cable Pinout   Some problems on China mpps v18 maybe on new ones it is solved: ON the tricore cable the +12v switch is only on t he pin 16 of the obd female, s Continue Reading →


MPPS V18 PCB Rework (Schematics attached)

March 29, 2017 sales 0

Why you need rework the PCB of MPPS V18 china clone? Because there are two versions of Mpps china clone. One comes with missing components and different resistors are installed with red marks below: Working mpps v18 clone should be like this: Available in Continue Reading →