Tips on doing EGR off of Zafira 2.2 dti with MPPS v18

Need to do EGR off of Zafira 2.2 dti, I read it with MPPS v18, but I can’t write any file I have changed. Mpps can’t do it and winols doesn’t recognize a ECU.!1UoRTQAL!nbgp2BJ8zWOxSys3jDCZz-44jpbXVJL90zA5ciULfck



I am reading it directly, my mpps works without any problem, I can read and write files to psg16 without any problem but only original ones without modifications. I need good file with correctΒ checksum.


Finally, I have done it already with my file, and everything is ok.


For all with problems like mine:

The problem was in the security access, the first try is unsuccessful and you must not power off the ecu, a second try is with success. That was my fault, every time I was resetting a pump.