How to unlock the key pro m8 key programmer

As the most powerful universal key programmer, they key pro m8 need you input the password when you start the machine. Machine will be locked in third time if you input the password wrongly. So please power off the machine is you have already input password wrongly for 2 times.

Here is the way to tell you how to unlock the machine:

1. Send your serial number and password to;
2. Provide the customer service with the unlock ID and we will give you the right unlock code, just shown on the following photo;
3. Input the code, and the device will be unlocked;
4. The PIN code remains the original one;
5. Copy the documents in the CD to a computer;
6. Power up the device, start it up, connect it to the computer via USB cable and install the device driver;
7. Run M8 Tool.ex;
8. Upgrade the unlock files into the device, for the programs will be cleared after locking.
If you lock the tool like this way, then just need update your key pro m8 to solve:
How to update the key pro m8, here is the video: