KESS V2 firmware 3.099 clone with Truck activation

Questions before entering:
1. KESS V2 clone is activated with the only protocol for cars and motorcycles?
2. So with Kess V2 4.036 how do you activate trucks? Is it a firmware update on the NXP?
3. How can I get the kess firmware 3.099?

Find answers to those questions

There are several KESS V2 clone ECU tuning kit master version with different software and firmware available in the aftermarket.

The only KESS clone with truck authorization/activation is:

KESS V2 Ksuite V1.89 + Firmware V3.099

No higher Ksuite.
No higher firmware version.

If you use higher version Ksuite or higher version firmware, KESS V2 TRUCK china clone will display invalid protocol file.

Ksuite V2.10/2.13/2.15 + Firmware V3.099, DON’T WORK
Ksuite V1.89 + Firmware V4.036, DON’T WORK
Ksuite V2.10/2.13/2.15 + Firmware V4.036, DON’T WORK

If you use KESS 4.036 China clone, all truck options are in gray, KESS 4.036 firmware can not stand 24V.

Some KESS V2 users will get the firmware v3.099 by replacing the new NXP LPC2478 fix chip on CPU or with J-Link. Disassemble the main unit, then find the biggest chip in the main board. Change this biggest chip.
But it requires good soldering skills. We DO NOT recommend to get v3.099 kess firmware by replacing the CPU NXP fix chip because it will break the device easily. The best way is to get a brand new KESS V2 3.099 ECU programmer hardware.

Only a small part of truck can be found in Ksuite V1.89 (with fw 3.099) list. KESS V2 EU clone or original is better.

You can purchase KESS V2 V3.099 firmware (Item No: SE87-E) in and download free K-suite V1.89 software here: