How to use VAG KM+IMMO Tool program VAG car keys when all keys are lost


When all car keys are lost ,how to do?If you only has a  VAG KM+IMMO Tool ,how to use?

Here is a procedure of new keys programming by VAG KM+IMMO OBD2 Tool:

1) Connect “VAG KM+IMMO Tool” to both pc and car.

2) Click “Service Mode” button to open “Service Mode” dialog.


3) Remove the 24C32 chip from instrument, read 24C32 EEPROM data with programmer, and save EEPROM.

4) Switch to “Service Mode” dialog, load EEPROM.

5) Save special EEPROM, write data to 24C32 EEPROM back to the chip,

and install chip back in instrument.

6) Save KEY file.

7) Login with the key file.

8) Click “Write” button to write back the original EEPROM (via OBDII).

9) Close “Service Mode” dialog, start adding dealer key (Click “Dealer Key” button, open “Dealer key” dialog.)

Note: Before the process is complete, keep the PC and device connected with vehicle, do NOT disconnect. If you interrupt, you

need to re-start from the first step.


5) Switch to Tango, read “Word 1” data and “Key ID” data.

Other information about  VAG KM+IMMO OBDII Tool:

Q:  I use it to work on 2013 American Volkswagen Jetta, nec24c64 protocol, it prompt me that i do not open this authorization, which authorization i need to open for your site?


Yes. You need to open this auothorization. For NEC24C64 authorization, you can choose these:

Newest added function: VAG KM+IMMO TOOL process of adding dealer key with Tango

1. Condition 1: At least one key can be used.
1) Connect “VAG KM+IMMO TOOL” to both PC and car.
2) Click “EEPROM” button, read EEPROM and save it for backup.
3) Click “Dealer  Key” button ,opel “Dealer key” Dialog.
4) Use the prompt key chip to make key.
NEC24C32 and NEC24C64; Megamos 48

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