Xentry Developer mode delete ABC dash warning on Mercedes W215

I was playing around with my MB Star C4 and Xentry 2016 developer mode
and I might have found a alternative to delete the ABC warning lights without a module.

Tested on 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL600 Base Coupe 215.376 5.5L V12
FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO CONVERT TO COIL-OVER and remove ABC suspension forever

So, here is what I found, someone can test it but you have to have DAS Xentry with developer mode.

I can’t test it as I already have the module installed and no time right now
If nobody can test it, I will do it one of these days

follow this:
Go to Control unit

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (1)


Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (2

->CGW(cental gateway)

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (3

->development data

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (4

->control unit adaptations
Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (6
->control unit adaptations (variant coding)
Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (6
->globale variantencodierung
Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (7
->nicht vorhanden

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (8

(giving a 1000 thx to pmercury in the mbworld)