How to use CarProg to read Motorola MC68HC05?

Carprog manual… Here you go… about how to read Motorola MC68HC05 using a CarProg programmer?


What basic info you need to know?


You need recognize Motorola (Freescale) MPU by maskset;

This MPU maskset is 3D33J;

Before programming, always select right processor type according maskset.



Which version of Carprog do you need?


First, Carprog full original or Carprog clone?

It depends on your budget. But Carprog programmers china clone now can work without issues with Motorola MC68HC05, especially in Carprog airbag.


You have optional solutions:

Carprog v8.21: it’s the perfect online version

and Caprog 9.31: the newest china version



How to connect to a CarProg programmer?


For HC05 programming use A10 cable 7 color wires:

YELOW – communication signal from MPU;

GREEN – communication signal to MPU;

BLUE – Reset signal to MPU;

ORANGE – MODB signal to MPU, low level;

BROWN – GND (ground);

RED – switched +5V;

VIOLET – switched +12V;

caprog-a10-adater-for-hc05-1 caprog-a10-adater-for-hc05-2



Troubleshooting: ERROR messages in CarProg:

  • Communication error

– no communication between CarProg and Motorola processor

– check MPU type, try to select quartz frequency manually.


To understand better onboard MPU programming problems, you can use table with right programming signals and voltages, described in table. If you can’t read or write MPU with CarProg, check:

– did you was select right MPU type;

– did quartz resonator Q is the same in circuit board and in CarProg options;

– did all programming signals have right form and voltage;


A10 cable has 8 color wires:

YELOW – communication signal from MPU;

GREEN – communication signal to MPU;

BLUE – Reset signal to MPU;

ORANGE – PD4 signal to MPU, normally low level, but can by high;

GREY – PD3 signal to MPU, normally high level;

BROWN – GND (ground);

RED – switched +5V;

VIOLET – switched +12V;





  1. MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32

carprog-read-MC68HC05-1 carprog-read-MC68HC05-2



MPU: MC68HC05B6 Mask Set: 0B91T 1C14H, 2C14H 0F10V 1E50H

MPU: MC68HC05B8 Mask Set: 0B83T 3D33J 0D54J

MPU: MC68HC05B16 Mask Set: 0D20J, 1D20J, 2D20J, 3D20J


  1. MC68HC705B16, MC68HC705B16N, MC68HC705B32

carprog-read-MC68HC705-1 carprog-read-MC68HC705-2



MPU: MC68HC705B16 Mask Set: 0D28J F56K

MPU: MC68HC705B32 Mask Set: G41V 3G96A K20C D40J D59J


  1. MC68HC05X16, MC68HC05X32, MC68HC705X32




  1. MC68HC05E6




  1. MC68HC05P3




  1. MC68HC705P3

carprog-read- MC68HC705P3



  1. MC68HC05H12




MPU: MC68HC05H12 Mask Set: 0H57A



Have fun with Carprog reading Motorola MC68HC05!!!