(solved) VCM2 clone Ford truckF250 error “PCM is unrecognized”

Happy to share something of my VCM2 clone with my Ford super duty F250 6.7 diesel 2011.


When i connect the VCM up to my truck i get this error message:

The unique PCM identifier is unrecognized

Verify that the latest CD has been loaded onto the diagnostic tester.

Where supported, update the diagnostic tester with the lasted calibration files from

Non-North American Ford and Mazda technicians should contact their local hotline.


My model: super duty truck 6.7 diesel, the2011 year model


What i tried

start new session, dont select anything— FAILED


Use a never version of ids— FAILED

im using hanson2000’s vmware IDS 101.04 or 05




it’s a clone issue some are blacklisted especially on the never v. Of ids.
It worked!!!IDS v86.01 in vmware with c81 calibration. It let me connect to my 6.7 diesel 2011 super duty!! I was able to turn on regen and reset my tire and axle ratio!!!


Thanks thanks thanks!! To all in the MH community!