Elsawin vs ETKA vs ETOS: what’s the difference?

ETKA, ETOS, and ElsaWin are electronic catalogues for VAG cars, but do these all do the same thing?Or how are they different from one another? Discuss


What is ETKA:

ETKA is the official electronic parts catalogue (EPC) for Volkswagen Group motor vehicles. Launched in 1989, ETKA superseded the older parts books and microfilm-based catalogues. ETKA is an abbreviation from the German: Elektronischer Teilekatalog.


What is Elsawin:

ELSAWIN is the Service & Repair Workshop software actually used by the Audi main dealers and factory technicians around the world, it covers cars (with varying amount of informations) from 1947 till today. It provides Servicing Guides, Workshop – Repair Manuals, Electric Schemes – Wiring Diagrams, Body Works.


What is Etos:

ETOS, the spare parts order system for Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles OEM parts, allows you to work more rapidly and efficiently.


Elsawin vs ETKA vs Etos:


Elsa is a workshop manual

Etka is a parts catalog

Etos is a parts ordering system


ETKA – Parts catalog for internal VAG use. Separate versions for Audi/VW, Skoda and Seat. Very awkward user interface.
ETOS – Parts catalog for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Much more user-friendly interface.
ELSA – Program for repairs etc. For internal VAG use only.


ETKA will help you to determine a part number by part location on assembly drawing.

ELSA will help you with electrical diagrams and repair operations description.


Ekta is the software that dealers use to find spare parts (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda), via a search by model etc. … and allows the editing of good material by vehicles or customers (there I am on of me, I have it on my pc and seen turn in conces).
Elsawin is an electronic technical magazine somehow it seems to me. So not at all the same vocation.
Etka is the catalog of spare parts (exploded views, price)

Elsawin is the repair manual (as a technical IT review)


The spare parts catalogue is “ETKA”

ELSAWIN the the factory workshop manuals.


Elsawin is available to the public…at a price. i think

ETKA is dealer only. Any copies you see advertised on the internet are pirate copies.


ETKA is more than a catalog. What I have found most usefull is the parts/assembly diagrams. I am no mechanic, but I play one in my garage…  Those diagrams, combined with the part numbers/ names have really helped me have a better understanding of how things work. Its also a huge help in tracking down replacement parts (which is what it is meant to do)


Elsa covers the whole range of cars, VW, Audi and Seat, from 1986 to 2005 (if its a new copy, some of the older stuff gets deleted as the cd gets newer) it has all the info that the dealer workshop gets, it’s all designed around the dealer and their tools. It’s particularly good for shops like mine where we do all the VW Audi cars. It’s 8 gigs and comes on 4 dvds


All are in my opinion complementary … .


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