OBDSTAR tools – Good or Not?

It’s worth to have a Obdstar tool? Where to? Looking for a man of his word to trust in…


Searched a lot… and here are what i found on forums…thought the answers are got from real users, not the fake – sellers/vendors online.


Hope it helps



I’ve found that chineses made OBDSTAR 300x DP, is this one the clone of DiagProg4?
no is not clone. its different tool


But you think I can adjust mileage on a Porsche Cayenne 2012 over OBD2 with it?
With digimaster and Digiprog I need to disassemble the odometer for Porsche Cayenne 2012, and to access eeprom on this model is hard, that’s why I need something cheap to adjust by OBD…

Try obdstar X300M


Please tell me more about Obstar x300dp, what you thinks? It’s a good tools?

For me it’s very very good. I’ve already done some mileage adjustments and I’ve erased some DCTs, but I didn’t did any key yet. Very very good. It’s missing the new Audi for mileage adjustment, but they told me that they will launch on next update. It does the updates by WiFi. Very good tool.


Anyone has bought OBDSTAR X300  PRO3  that could give some feedback? 

I have OBDSTAR X300 PRO.
I use it via OBD for many car’s and it working fine, and eeprom adapter is good working.
Even I need lot off tools:
Digimaster 3, Digiprog 3, Smok UHDS, Smok JTAG for CAS & EZS, FVDI, X300, etc…
Each tool is good for different car&model, this need hard work to learn!

Digimaster 3 don’t use CAS BDM Programmer for CAS EZS! DEATH unit!
FVDI don’t make MB W212 W204 W221! Digimaster is better = NO DEATH ZGW!
Digiprog 3 don’t touch VOLVO via OBD!!! DEATH CAR!
Smok JTAG is better than R260 & R270! Only need remember heat processor!


I’ve never tried OBDSTAR products… I’ve bought OBDSTAR 300x DP to try it, it hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m afraid that it doesn’t work for cayenne 2012…

I’ve did a Cayenne 2012 with OBDSTAR X300 DP and it worked.


Anyone did Cayenne odometer with a Obdstar tool?
I need to adjust mileage on Porsche Cayenne 2012, but to buy DiagProg4 is very expensive just to make this car… I’ve checked some pictures of OBDSTAR 300x DP and it seems to do it by OBD2.



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