Exclamation Mark on Intel HD4000 After Xentry/DAS Install

Here are issues and solutions I have when I install SD-connect software Xentry/DAS. Hope it helps you guys also.


I have an exclamation mark on display adapter intel hd4000 in device manager and FN+ to increase and decrease the monitor dim bright don’t work.

My laptop is a Lenovo X230 and none of the KB4093118 and KB4103718 updates are installed!!


Reinstalled using the Mercedes-Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 2018.09 (18.9.4)
and the instructions provided here. The only thing I altered was using the 2221-45 file linked in the OP. Even though ConfigAssist is licensed , I’m getting an error regarding the 2221-45 when launching Xentry (both SIM and regular). The filename I replaced under /Xentry/fusuko/eclipse/plugins was identical and I used the one from the rar.

Well I followed the instructions in the text file also linked in the OP (in https://cartechnology.co.uk/) and I think my critical mistake was not removing the old .jar files. I assumed if I renamed them then it wouldn’t load the incorrect ones, but maybe it just loads all *.jar files within that directory at load? Hell if I know, but when I removed the old ones I was able to get them to load. Well, at least the SIM and regular version, not the ATK.

This has been quite a learning process. Will be connecting the sd-connect C4 device tomorrow and am interested in seeing if Xentry and DAS will actually work at this point.


The not permanent solution is: 

Desinstall HD4000 from device manager
Restart PC
Install driver from intel website
Restart PC

This solution is not permanent I don’t know why!!



The permanent solution is:


so i will try guide you to get that your VGA driver running perfect.

Control panel>>uninstall program>>view installed update>>Sort by name.. then scroll down.. search word KB4. >>uninstall it

that problem coming from update windows file.

The name of update windows is “Security update for microsoft windows KB4XXXXXX ”

i got this problem at many model new laptop, after uninstall it do restart.

then bingo.. screen normal back again.

For newbies:

If you are not good at computers, my advise is to buy a plug-and-play kit.

Software on the disk will be installed on a functional laptop.

You can use it when the laptop starts.

Here is what my friend has (he’s a beginner): http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-dell-d630-laptop.html



Big thanks to all fellows helped me!!

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