Lonsdor K518ISE BMW CAS2/CAS3 Manual: Functions, How to, Car List

This is a Lonsdor K518ISE BMW user manual for newbies: including functions, tips and guides for use, car list and remote chip list..


In detail…


Immobilizer – BMW – select from type – CAS2/CAS3

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  1. Immobilizer: program keys
  2. Use eeprom data to generate a new key:

Backup eeprom data to generate a dealer key

  1. Enable key: Program and activate the key disabled

Disable key: Program and disabled keys available or lost

  1. Backup and recover:

Backup the key data and remove it if necessary

  1. Update CAS3: Immobilizer will be identified if the system can be programmed or not.

If not, it will ask you to update CAS3. please wait for another 10 min and return to the the “Immobilizer” menu to operate.

  1. Compel to recover CAS3: Force to recover CAS3, if CAS3 update goes wrong
  2. Sync DME: Please Sync DME if the car fails to start after programming keys
  3. Sync ELV: Please Sync ELV if the car fails to start after programming keys
  4. Clear fault codes: Clear fault message the vehicle produced




CAS2/CAS3: Backup and recover (backup the key data) – eeprom data to generate keys (pls select OBD to generate) – program key

CAS3+/CAS3++: Backup and recover (backup the key data) – dismantle the CAS immo box and read its data and backup eeprom data with the programmer – eeprom data to generate a key (pls select OBD to generate) – program key


  1. CAS2/CAS3: the operations to add keys and all keys lost are the same

CAS3+: all keys lost need to dismantle the body ECU

CAS3++: all keys lost operation is not supported

  1. Keys with the bar type is not supported currently
  2. CAS case (box) is under dashboard generally




  1. Suggestion to backup the key data before all operation
  2. For CAS3, CAS3+, CAS3++systems, you can program 2 smart keys at most. To program smart keys, you need to disable one smart key first, then program a new key
  3. It will take 10 min to update CAS. Pls make sure the auto batteries are fully charged

Note: don’t use this function when the voltage is less than 1.5v. pls charge the battery and make sure the voltage is more than 11.5v. during the update, neither cut off the power nor insert the key. For smart keys, pls take it outside the vehicle

  1. For CAS3+ all keys lost, you mast dismantle and read backup data. Use the data to make a dealer key and then program the car keys. For CAS3++, you can add a new key to it but there is no possible solutions to all keys lost.
  2. This system can be operated via OBD. But to reduce risk of immobilizer, you are advised to backup secure data of the body ECU with the programmer for CAS3+, CAS3++ systems. When the programming fails, the data can be recovered and back to the initial state
  3. If the key can’t start the car after programming is completed, please try to sync DME and ELV




PIN code: PIN code requirement

Remote generation: When key programming completes, the remote control will be generated automatically

OBD location: Under the steering wheel (close to pillar A)


Lonsdor K518 BMW Immobilizer system:


7 series 2001-2005


3 series 2005-2007

5 series 2004-2007

6 series 2003-2008

7 series 2005-2009


1 series 2007-1008

3 series 2007-2008

5 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3+)

6 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3+)

Z4 after 2008 (some CAS3+)


1 series 2009-2012

3 series 2009-2012

5 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3)

6 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3)

X1 before 2014

X5 2008-2013

Z4 after 2008 (some CAS3)

MINI 2008-2014 46 chip


5 series 2010-2012

6 series 2010-2012

7 series 2010-2012

X3 after 2012 (some CAS4+)

X4 after 2013 (some CAS4+)


5 series after 2012

6 series after 2012

7 series after 2012

X3 after 2012 (some CAS4)

X4 after 2013 (some CAS4)


3 series before 2005 73 or 44 chip (other 3 series is the 46 chip)

5 series before 2004 No 18

Z4 before 2008

X5 before 207 (some EWS4)


X3 before 2011

X5 before 2007 (some EWS3)

lonsdor-k518ise-immo-13 lonsdor-k518ise-immo- lonsdor-k518ise-immo-16 lonsdor-k518ise-immo-17 lonsdor-k518ise-immo-18


Lonsdor K518 BMW Chip types:

46 chip (incl common 46 chips):

1 series 2007-2012

3 series 2005-2012

5 series 2004-2010

6 series 2003-2010

7 series 2001-2009

X1 before 2014

X5 before 2013



73 or 44 chip:

3 series before 2005

5 series before 2004

X3 before 2011

X5 before 2007

Z4 before 2008

MINI 2008-2014


Specific smart keys:

5 series after 2010

6 series after 2010

7 series after 2010

X3 after 2012

X4 after 2013

lonsdor-k518ise-immo-251 lonsdor-k518ise-immo-22