(Solved) SD connect C4 NOT Connected via LAN or WIFI

Here are optional solutions for those with a Sd connect C4 but cannot be connected via LAN (or wifi).

Operation system: Window 7

Static IP: 172.29.127.xxx

Battery: the 6 batteries are installed, fully charged


Error message:

when I connect it to the MUX (the 6 batteries are installed) it tries to connect but it gives up after a minute or two and I have a yellow triangle over the network icon in the taskbar.
The display on the MUX shows that its number is 00, it also displays a cable icon and a countdown timer and the message “Device not in use”

sd connect c4 device not in use 600x465 - (Solved) SD connect C4 NOT Connected via LAN or WIFI - (Solved) SD connect C4 NOT Connected via LAN or WIFI

The display doesn’t show the wifi option, only the cable icon.
When I start SDConnect Administration Toolkit it says the MUX is not cable accessible.




Here are possible solutions from users (try on your own risk) and working solutions from real professionals but for SD connect mux off obdexpress.co.uk (confirm yours is the same as that in obdexpress if you want use the solution).


Possible solutions from users:


Option 1: LAN adapter

Open it and check the LAN adapter soldering if it gone loose


SDConnect relies on broadcasts/multicasts (like the DHCP protocol) to discover SDConnect devices.  They can be con completely different subnets and be “detected” but you cannot interrogate or configure them until you get their IP addresses configured for basic management setup.



Option 2: Toolkit

For Connection you´ll need the Toolkit.
WLAN is not seen until configured, if you reseted the SDConnect you´ll need to reconfigure it with the Toolkit.



Option 3: Battery

You may try forcing your NIC in your laptop to 100Mb/Full Duplex, as many will default and negotiate to 1Gb/s, which I don’t believe some of the SDConnects talk over too well.


Also, FWIW, I have been getting an error 750 when trying to communicate to the SDConnect recently.  The connection seems very unstable. I have only used a direct Ethernet connection.  I have not investigated it very much, but I have resorted to the C3 for right now, which has never failed with 1.2012.

I reset it back to factory settings as well.  I have not had an opportunity to investigate it to any extent, so I am unsure what the problem may be, but SDNetContol is stating a Network Error to the SDConnect. It is all connected via CAT6 and no WiFi.

It is best practice to remove the batteries form the SDConnect when not changing firmware or leave them in there?  I have quality rechargeable batteries I use and typically leave them in when changing firmware, but I have left them in for a longer period.  When I removed the first set, the batteries clearly leaked but didn’t appear to damage the SDConnect and I throughly cleaned it and it has worked since them.  If anyone has any suggesting regarding this issue, it would be much appreciated.

Working solution from pros working for obdexpress.co.uk:


This issue usually can be solved as follows:


– re-set IP address:

1) Connect MB SD Connect C4 with LAN cable

2) Open Virtual Network Editor and use vmnet0 (Auto-Bridging )

3) Install (2 ) Local Area Connection

4) Set IP:

Local Area Connection ( 1 ) IP 172.29.127.XXX this for IP MUX

Local Area Connection ( 1 ) IP 192.168.1.XXX this for IP network or IP Network you use

5) Make configuration for SD connect wireless,

(SD C4 usually solve the issue after IP re-match)



– setup the PC date

The date must be the same as the software version

E.g. Your DAS is 2016.09 version, then your PC date should be 2016/09



– replace the Config file in c:\program\mecredes-benz\config

(this is for MB STAR C3 users)


STAR C3 Config file download




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