VVDI2 makes second key to Passat 2015 MQB with Kessy

Here is the procedure of making a second key to Passat 2015 MQB.

Purpose: learn a second key to Passat 2015 MQB with Kessy

Tool: VVDI2


The information:


Put the key flat on the reader not in it

That is , When it asks you to put the original key in vvdi2 just put it flat on top

Do same when you’re generating the new key


After you read eprom and immo data and save, make dealer key and once you have done that add key and I always use the middle selection and follow it from there


Just be careful on adding the key as it’s keyless and if you turn off the ignition at the wrong time or anything else goes wrong dealer tool will be needed


Tip of “the careful”: Just when you get a generated key sorted and go into ADD KEY follow what it says carefully, does also give you warning on vvdi2

vvdi2-passat-mqb-1 vvdi2-passat-mqb-4

Tech support from Antony Poxon from a Xhorse group at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/xhorsetools/