BMW CAS4 Reading & Key Programming via VVDI Prog & VVDI2

2011 BMW 525 CAS4 reading by VVDI prog programmer and key programming by Xhorse VVDI2 commander... Here you go… The most details you need…


Car: BMW 525 2011

Eeprom: CAS4 01L15Y


You need have a working bmw cas4 programmer and a good bmw key programmer.

Here: vvdi prog to read cas4 & vvdi2 to program a new key


Step 1 VVDI Prog read BCM

Run VVDI Prog software

Select type: 4-immobilizer, brand: BMW, type: CAS4-1L15Y

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (1)

Click on Connection Diagram

Connect the MC9S12 adapter to the BCM


bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (2) bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (3)

Remove the component and solder back after the operation is complete

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (4)

Read CAS4 1L15Y

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (5)

Operation success!

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (6)

Then save the bin file



Step 2 VVDI2 bmw make dealer key

Open VVDI 2 Quick Start

Go to vvdi BMW

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (7)

Select Key Learn-> File make key

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (8)

Select Type: CAS4 1L15Y

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (9)

Load the EEPROM dump file: open the bin file (read by vvdi prog)

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (10)

Note the remote frequency, then select Key ID7

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (11)

Make dealer key

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (12)

Note: preparing dealer key needs about 30 minutes; the windows may be false read. Please wait for the end. Input the new key to the programmer, then continue.

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (13)

Write the key successfully!

Go to the car with the key. No need to write back eeprom.

bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (14) bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (15)