Benz C6 DOIP Xentry Diagnosis FAQ

Benz C6 DOIP Xentry Diagnosis FAQ on activation, the difference with sdconnect C4, install & activation, coding method, SCN coding, language, update etc.

An increasing number of people would like to buy Benz C6 DOIP (Item No. SP332+SP332-S), but have a few questions before deciding to have one, you can read this post first, because I think they are typical and may helpful.

Q: Can Mercedes Benz C6 works stably? Is its quality good or not? Comparing with MB SD C4, it supports DoIP, what are more differences? Can it run faster than C4?

A: Benz C6 quality is good without problem.

Comparing C4, it has different hardware; it supports DoIP protocol and it can’t work with old Mercedes while sdc4 can support old Benz models if running fine with the old software.

The running speed depends on the computer configuration, the engineers are already tested C6 and C4 have almost the same running speed on a same computer.

Q: Is the C6 software is activated before delivery?

A: The software comes with Keygen so the users can activate by themselves. Because it is bound with a computer, if the supplier help active before delivery then the user has to active again after receiving.


Activation video:


Q: Does Benz C6 come with SCN coding function? or the user has to pay it?

A: It supports online SCN coding only when the user has online account.


Q: Can Benz C6 DOIP work with trucks?

A: yes, it works with trucks.


Q: Whether the window10 can be installed.

A: The software is preinstalled by allscanner Company, with win7 64bit.


Q: Whether the Korean language is supported when installing software is installed.

A: Yes, it has Korean language, besides more popular languages.


Q: The manual says that only one computer can be installed, but if I want to use it on two laptops, can I buy it from the Internet?

A: Like C4, it is hard disk version, it allows you to use on two laptops but needs to active by yourself with the built-in keygen.


Q: How to update when a program is updated.

A: To pay the newest software to update.


Q: I would like to know whether the coding method and usage method are on video or not

A: It has the same usage method as MB STAR C4.

For example, Benz 221 coding with DoIP:


For more Benz C6 DoIP questions and answers, I’ll keep update.