VXDIAG GDS2 Tech2Win Download, Setup and FAQ

Thanks for @ Mayor West contribution who wrote up how to install VXDIAG GDS2 Tech2Win software for GM Opel Diagnostic Tool, so no one else got confused on the installation.


VXDIAG Nano with GDS2 Tech2Win software is supposed to do just about everything a GM Tech2 can do, but not cost a billion doll hairs. For just €124 (VXDIAG wired version) or €133 (VXDIAG wifi version), it comes with the tool and a white disc with a bunch of files/folders on it.

You are supposed to download updated versions of them elsewhere. www.vxdiag.net  has  the latest VxManager. I could not get it to work without updating every piece. It’s all free.
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  • VXDIAG VCX Nano for GDS2 (such as the one linked above)
  • 32 bit non-VM Computer (Apparently these won’t work on VMs, although I have not tried that)
  • VMWarePlayer 6 (32bit), Tech2Win, GDS2, VXManager software’s latest versions

VXDIAG GM 2020.07 GDS2, Tech2win and VX Manager 2021-04

VXDIAG GM GDS2 Software Link 2020.04

GDS2 Patch (2021.3.1)

VXDIAG GM Tech2Win Software Link 16.02.24
VXDIAG VMware-player-6.0.6-2700073

VX Manager
Current Version: V1.8.4 Build 0315
UPDATE: 2021-03-15

VX Manager 1.8.4 Mega Link
Free Download VMware Player for VXDIAG tools

Installation Steps: Do not plug in the device until told to do so

The order of installation is important.
1) Install VMWare-Player 6.0 (32bit version) but do not open it.
* I’m not 100% sure this is necessary, but various other installation write-ups say to use it. I haven’t tried without it.
2) Install Tech2Win
3) Install GSD2
4) Install VX Manager

Select Passthru & GM-GDS when promoted​
5) Plug In Device, let it load drivers (it may take a while) and make sure it loads in to USB Serial Port COM4 with Device Manager after the driver finding part is done.

6) Run VxManager, update your devices firmware and licenses one after another.

7) Run Tech2Win and select “NORTH AMERICAN

8) You should be prompted to select a device, select the top one (without a 2 in it)

9) If all went well, you should then be prompted to select another device, it should say your USB device. If this shows up, your MDI Candi module is all good.

When it’s all connected, Tech2 prompts you for a Product Line Code after selecting a few vehicle options. I’m not sure about every year, but the Product Line for my 09 SS/TC was “A” You may have to test other letters or see if one corresponds do your VIN #’s 3rd or 4th letter character.


Alright, VXDIAG GDS2 Tech2Win installation is completed.


What all abilities does VXDIAG Nano GDS2 Tech2Win give you?

It emulates a GM Tech2. There’s one programming thing you can’t do but it only requires a 40$ all data subscription I think.

I need it to relearn my clutch, if you have the later model SS with the potentiometer style sensor you have to relearn if you replace it

It’s basically a big boys code reader, but you HAVE to do this if you have a late model SS with the special swing arm brake and clutch sensors.

The other option is to take it to GM and have them do it (and pay for it) or this means you can do it yourself and other things too. It emulates a dealers tool.


Need run with VMware or not?

– I never noticed this thread. You do not need VM ware if you are running a 32 bit version of Windows 7. You can simply take a laptop and partition a piece of your hard drive or add a new drive and install Windows 7 32 on it. Just dont go online so it wont make you registster the OS.

In fact I’d definitely not run this on a computer that you regularly use online (with VMware) because it is quite possibly pirated software from China and there is no telling what other **** that could be executing in the background once you run any of the .exe files.

I just remember it taking a little trial and error to run properly and I had to get current drivers from the Bosch website.)


HP Tuners or VXDiag Nano for GM Opel diagnostic tool

– You can disable those check engine codes in HP Tuners, but it does cost 3x as much as a VXDiag tool.That’s why I got both.


Does VXDiag Nano for GM Opel let you read the current odometer? Does it provide “live” info, like speed, rpm, etc? Trying to see if I can use this as the basis of my new electronic dash.

– It’s the exact GM scan tool that the dealership techs use.


Navigating the program is pain, anyone have a guide with info on the tool works? Specifically looking to grab mileage information from the bcm through this tool.

– Navigating it is a PITA, don’t think I’ve seen mileage. Do me a favor and see if you can go in to the ABS section and load it up, mine always says it loses connection (I’ve tried on two goblins) and I wanna know if it’s me or not.

With the ABS module being gone from the bus, its probably hitting some sort of error causing it to back out.

Updated: I figured, sucks cause that’s where the tire pressure info is I think.

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