Last golf mk7 MQB add key, Supervag or Lonsdor K518ISE

Golf Mark VII MQB add key via OBD can be done with both Supervag and Lonsdor K518ISE.


  1. Supervag

Newest update of Supervag can add a key for Golf Mark VII MQB successfully.

Check supported VAG car models:

video tutorial:

“Precoded key” -they probably mean dealer key.



for me is very useful,easy to use and save a lot of time.


Cons: the price is high, some users can’t afford it.


    1. Lonsdor K518ISE:/Lonsdor K518S

Update Lonsdor K518ISE /K518S to the newest version, it is good for MQB key !! Work fine add key on golf mk7 2015 ! Very fast and easy !!! Bravo !!

This is the part number:



PS: for Lonsdor K518ISE, MQB Mainland is supported, Jonson Control is not supported yet.

Look this PDF:

lonsdor-k518ise-add-key-on-golf-mk7-2015-02 lonsdor-k518ise-add-key-on-golf-mk7-2015-03