What VAG Key Programmers Tend To Use More Than Supervag?

What is Super VAG K+Can plus?

Generally speaking, it is a comprehensive diagnostic tool.

Moreover, it can odometer correction, read Security Access Code, key programmer, airbag reset tool, TV Activation and diagnostic for Audi VW Skoda and Seat.


However, supervag is not an idea tool for key programming Audi VW Skoda and Seat.

It is not as good coverage wise as the likes of abrites, vvdi2 etc.


SuperVag Clone is available here:


Supervag 01


Most locksmiths tend to use the following key programmers more than Supervag:


DK Veteran review 1:

If looking specifically for vag then vvdi2 or abrites is best coverage , supervag though is a handy addition as can never have too many options.

you can’t compare supervag and im608 , different beasts , supervag is just vag , im608 is multiple brands


DK Veteran review 2:

Another vote to VVDI2
Much more cheaper Than AVDI, but works great.


DK Veteran review 3:

Bought VVDI2 a couple of months ago far more coverage than Supervag for same sort of money. Have both but tend to use VVDI2 more than Supervag.



DK Veteran review 4:

tools like vvdi2 and supervag are purely vag .

TDB1000 from diagnostic box , truecode from keyprogrammers both offer decent token free coverage on many brands , tools like lonsdor k518ise , obdstar x300 pro4 , im608 , even im508 all offer some excellent coverage options , even tools like x100 pad , autopad etc offer token saving coverage.


To be upgrading…