(Solved) DOIP Xentry V2019.3 not connect automatically Mercedes Benz E320 2005

Have 2005 Mercedes Benz E320 with Vin# is WDBUF65J15A7xxxxx, used MB Star C6 running DOIP Xentry V2019.3 to try to connect automatically with no lucky.


Contacted the sales man on http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/ , was told my car has no nothing wrong, the Xentry V2019.3 has no problem neither, the problem is the automatic connection is unstable, just do it manually and I did as asked then succeed.


Here attach some images of Xentry V2019.3 connected Mercedes Benz E320 2005:

xentry-v2019-3-connect-manually-successfully-01 xentry-v2019-3-connect-manually-successfully-02 xentry-v2019-3-connect-manually-successfully-03 xentry-v2019-3-connect-manually-successfully-04


Hope it helps.