How does Benz C6 diagnose and program 211 DTS Monaco?

How does Benz C6 diagnose and program 211 DTS Monaco?

Video demo:

Benz 211 DTS Monaco diagnostic & programming (CBF) using Vxdiag Benz C6 step by step.


  1. Open “DTS Monaco”, click on “Yes, I am”.


  1. Initializing DTS Base System…


  1. Click on “Open a workspace”.

Select 211, then open.

benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-04 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-05 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-06 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-07 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-08

  1. Click on “Start”, wait until finished.

benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-09 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-10 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-11

  1. Click on “Flash Programming”, then “ME97 (HSCAN_KW2C3PE_500). M272_KE_VC13_2”.


  1. Click on ” Temporarily add flash data”, select “Benz (C:) -> DTSProjects-> _ALL_CFF -> ME97 -> 0064475240_001.CFF.

benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-13 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-14

  1. Tick off Session control for ME97…

Click on “Stop”.

benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-15 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-16

  1. Select “ME97 (HSCAN_KW2C3PE_500). M272_KE_VC13_2”, then “Read ID”.

ECU Origin…Value OK

Supplier Identification (Name /code) …Value OK

Diagnostic information …Value OK

Hardware version (Major /Minor) …Value OK

Software version (High / Middle / Low) …Value OK

Part number …Value OK

benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-17 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-18


  1. Exit DTS Monaco workspace.


Mercedes Benz C6 by VXDIAG is really nice to perform Benz 211 DTS diagnostic & programming (CBF).