Mercedes Benz Xentry test Actuation of function “Ethernet communication (DOIP)

In this article, Newest SDC4 Mercedes Benz Xentry diagnosis software is used to test Actuation of function “Ethernet communication (DOIP). It is better than old sdc4 without installing the battery when upgrading the firmware, it is better than vxdiag C6 because it can directly run the original software.


Mercedes Benz SD C4 with 1:1 copy program is supposed to be the best DOIP diagnostic tool, it features in:

  1. When it upgrades the firmware, you don’t need to install the batteries as the old SDC4, which is convenient and avoid the damage to the hardware.


  1. The Wifi will be automatically connected after starting on SDC4 and it is very stable. You can use the WIFI to surf the net and diagnose Benz, so the testing job can be finished remotely.


  1. New SDC4 is made of superb craftsmanship and good quality, waterproof, shockproof and tamper-proof.


  1. Can directly run the original software.


How to’s of Newest SDC4 test Doip?


Enter VIN number.



Click on “Xentry Diagnosis”.



Determination of vehicle data.



The diagnosis application is being started.

The boundary conditions are recorded.

The control units are being initialized.

Check of VIN.

The coding of the control unit is read.l

The emissions-relevant data are read out from the vehicle.



Click on “Initial Quick Test”.

xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-05 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-06


Click on “A26/17 -Audi 20 (Head unit).”.



Click on “Continue”.

xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-08 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-09 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-10 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-11 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-12


Actuations -> Actuation of function “Ethernet communication (DOIP)

xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-13 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-14 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-15 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-16 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-17 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-18 xentry-test-actuation-of-function-ethernet-communication-doip-19



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