Autel Gbox done Benz sprinter 906 All key lost in 10 minutes

With Autel Gbox, with Auro IM600 connecting with XP400 & J2534 ECU Programmer, Benz sprinter 906 All key lost done successfully.


Image one shows: Succeed in computing password, key password is xxxxxx.

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-01


Image two shows the complete connection among Autel G-box, Auro IM600, XP400 & J2534 ECU Programmer:

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-02


It’s nice to read the Autel G-box reference guide:

Zoom to see it clearly.

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-03


The colorful Autel G-box is more enjoyable:

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-04 benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-05


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