Reviews needed: Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600

Is this tool as good as it looks?

Does everything pretty much.

YouTube videos of it getting mac/cs/pin from Simos and edc17s etc without opening, key programming even in 2017 cars vag 4th immo, etc..

Plus oe level diagnosis, Eeprom reading etc etc..

Really this good? Or all bull and Chinese lies..?

I think it’s made by autel, I’ve used their stuff before and been ok

Maybe here we should start reviews and what doesn’t work.


Here is all what I have found on the web. Hope it help you guys also.


Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 tests on cars:



2015 jeep grand Cherokee: Did not pull pin then locked my out.


Cannot get the PIN: The 100 didn’t give you options to get the PIN code



2013 Dodge Ram 1500s: Did fobik (non prox) key

it would not learn the key on the immo side but if you used the diagnostic side and ID’d the vehicle and went into the RF hub… I was able to program the fobik key. NOTE: I wasn’t able to pull the pin on either side (immo or diagnostic)


2014 Chevy impala: Did not program the key

With Im 600. Did 12 minutes but the light stay lit. Used different machine to do a 12 minute.

2017 Honda Accord Sport Editon: added a new key

 2015 Camry H chip: new key programmed

 2011 & 2015 Sienna: added a new key

 2014 Sienna w/ Proximity: added new keys

2015 plate a4: Did a spare key, AVDI said no other than that is piss poor


Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 user experience:

 Great function: So is the machine will have great functions and will be one of the best I have two but right now a lot of people do not want it because it has some errors but if it works I have been using it and if it works

Chance to diagnosis, programming and parameters: The team if you work. It is not recommended as the first programming team. For Price. Other more economic teams are recommended and then set up. But I’ve had a chance to diagnosis, module programming and booking of parameters. etc

Pretty streamline: The price $3500 is a bit much off it sure is a great kit though. Made it pretty streamline if you’ve used an Autel

Good diagnostic but Limited Immo: Diagnostic side of the house no doubt about it. My point is its immo/key programming capabilities is too limited at the moment for its price.

Clone fobik keys: I have the im600 what menu do you go to when you trying to flash a ECU or BCM can Im600 clone fobik keys

Ford IMMO: Very pleased to see the update Ford IMMO into Auro IM100 and IM600

New: its a new tool and they to test it thoroughly before releasing it to the market. Its trend with all tools from Asia

Easy to use: The reason I’m thinking of getting this unit is it looks very easy to use as I go out to more and more non start cars with the immobiliser light flashing and need to interrogate the immobiliser Ecu as our current mobile locksmiths have made so much money that they can’t now be bothered to check a system for £50 cash which leaves the customer high and dry. But at £2500 its a major investment which will take a long time to break even

 Fast and good: Im600 they look pretty good and they have a good future is fast but no updates very few

Pretty: It’s pretty kick butt. Did Honda’s, Toyota and even Volkswagens