How to choose a MB star SDS with Xentry, DAS, DTS, Vediamo, HHT- WIN etc?

Most comprehensive comparison table of MB star SDS diagnosis: SD C4 DOIP, sdconnect c4, MB star C5, VXDIAG BENZ DOIP, OEM C6 DOIP by Allscanner, VCI clone C6 DOIP, ECOM DOIP, C5 DOIP etc. And followed with their feedback.

MB star SDS diagnosis comparison table (Most comprehensive):


Guide: 1. Software activation guide; 2.Firmware update guide

2.Software registration and firmware upgrade instruction

Online SCN Coding service (item no. SS99)


MB star SDS diagnosis feedback:

SD C4 DOIP feedback

with 1:1 copy program

1.When it upgrades the firmware, you don’t need to install the batteries as the old SDC4, which is convenient and avoid the damage to the hardware.

2.The Wifi will be automatically connected after starting on SDC4 and it is very stable. You can use the WIFI to surf the net and diagnose Benz, so the testing job can be finished remotely. Wifi settings

3.New SDC4 is made of superb craftsmanship and good quality, waterproof, shockproof and tamper-proof.

4.Can directly run the original software.Can run DTS and Vediamo engineering software.

5. Covers newer cars with DoIP protocol like W222, covering Benz cars from 1989 to 2019 year.

Video: MB SD Connect C4 DOIP XENRTY Test On BENZ E213

05 Sdc4 Plus

02 Sdc4 Plus Pcb


Mercedes Benz eCOM feedback:

Mercedes Benz eCOM DoIP Box Multiplexer Kit Support DoIP for latest E and S series, MB eCOM DoIP diagnostic C5 Xentry Perfect for Mercedes COMAND NTG5, NTG5s1, NTG5s2, NTG5.5.

MB BENZ Ecom DoIP DTS Monaco 8.14 System configurator:

MB SD Connect C5 with DTS Monaco & Vediamo:

MB SD Connect C5 Support Wireless and Lan cable connection, With UDS Chip, support both K Line and CAN BUS Protocol, but also UDS Protocol, support Mercedes Benz cars and trucks after year 2000,Software will be installed and activated well before shipping, you can use it directly after you get it.


The good of SDConnect C4 in C5 housing:

SDConnect C4 in C5 housing is designed specifically for hot climates.


Improvement (Full upgrade):

1Unique white serial number firmware (guarantee against blocking)

2.Setting the “shutdown” function – full power off

3.Fix battery charging error “Insert / check batteries” ” batteries can not be charged»


4.Replacing the stock (Chinese) WiFi NEC card to the original D-Link used in the original SDConnect multiplexers. The original D-Link card provides a much more stable Wi-Fi connection.

5.Update the multiplexer with the latest firmware

In addition to the above improvements, for the body C5 is made:


Installation of active cooling system. The system provides a continuous flow of air through the entire inner cavity of the body.


Install lithium batteries instead of NiMh / NiCd batteries


Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in C5 housing is identical to the classic multiplexer circuit design and equipment of five cables. It functionally completely repeats the classic version. Just like the classic SDConnect, it has a full disable feature, white serial number, firmware updated to the latest version.

03 SDConnect C4 In C5 Housing


VCI clone C6 DOIP feedback

OEM (Clone) Xentry VCI Clone looks like original, but inside its different. It works like Ecom.

can use ordinary XDOS without VXdiag Driver.

Only config ecom and ready.

No wireless or wifi, usb and lan only.

Use ordinary Xentry openshell

It doesn’t work with older DAS vehicles.

Doip is working.

04 Oem Clone Xentry Vci Clone Feedback

02 Oem Clone Xentry Vci Clone Feedback


OEM C6 DOIP by Allscanner:

Mercedes Benz C6 OEM Xentry diagnosis VCI DOIP Pass thur interfac is the latest interface for Mercedes & SMART vehicles can replace Star C4/C5. XENTRY Diagnosis VCI acts as a Pass-through Interface, also called MB Star C6, For Benz C6 multiplexer to provide complete communication between a vehicle and the XENTRY software loaded on a PC.