Digiprog 3 Mileage Correction For 2008 Ford escape

How to use Digiprog 3 to do odometer correction for 2008 Ford escape? here is the step-by-step:


This picture of pinout uses cable st48.

01 Digiprog 3 Ford Escape Hcs12 Connection
Digiprog 3 Ford Escape Hcs12 Connection



Question: I used the 48 but didn’t work at start. so I switch to 35. not a lot info on those dashs. However, after trying to adjust the mileage on 2008 Ford escape with the wrong pinouts, dash is only displaying yellow airbag and the car doesn’t start.

pulling the OBD codes it showing Theft detected vehicle immobilized. P1260

02 Ford Escape Yellow Airbag
Ford Escape Yellow Airbag



Problem is you used cable 35 instead 48, cable 35 uses 12 v instead of 5 volts

MCU and voltage regulator.
if cheap enough start with order set of clocks.
in meantime, get ready to remove quick, plug dash back in see if any part of board gets hot



Just highlighting some updates for people that might have the same problem.
after frying the dashboard with wrong pinouts, I installed another used dashboard and immo was flashing. I reset the immo with the keys using Autel MaxiCOM MK908P. now the car started again.

how can I adjust the new dash to the original mileage. I see two pinouts bellow:

03 Digiprog3 2008 Ford Escape Mileage Programming
Digiprog3 2008 Ford Escape Mileage Programming

To mention that my 35 and 48 cables are Chinese so wiring color is deferent might help to point out the location with pinout number in digiprog 3.


Last but not least:

This has been posted dozens of times if you did a search, but has some extra info.
First thing you do is modify the cables to the right colors.
Second thing you do is not substitute cables.