MB Star Diagnostics manual: what can be changed /disabled/ enabled?

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Mercedes star diagnostics menu system
2.Functions performed by more than one control unit
3.Control Unit Group
4.Diagnostic of Internal Systems
5.Entry of Order Data
Entry Beep Disable
Allow the fan to turn on earlier to cool the engine/supercharger
Activate Remaining fuel display in Instrument Cluster
KeyLess Go Key reminder off
Misc. Settings
TeleAid Delete
To enable cornering lights
To enable tank content remaining (gallons left)
To enable flashing brake lights on emergency braking (missing on my SAM)
Enable Date in the Cluster (I’ve yet to do this one)
Change Speed limiter
R230 Disable TPC Tire pressure monitor STAR


Mercedes star diagnostics menu system . Xentry Version 9/2015

1.Quick test

2.Functions performed by more then 1 control unit.

3.Control Units

4.Diagnosis of the internal systems

5.Entry of order data (Repair order/dealer information)

6.Entry of retrofits and modifications.


  1. Quick test (checks the following systems.) Runs them all in sequence. Not Individually.
  2. ECU
  3. Can Bus Config
  4. CGW
  5. EZS
  6. ME_SFI 2.8 Motor Electronics
  7. ETC Electronic Transmission Control
  8. ESM Electronic Selector Module
  9. SBC
  10. ESP
  11. ABC Active Body Control
  12. TPC
  13. AB Air Bags
  14. Driver side SAM
  15. Passenger side SAM
  16. Rear SAM
  17. Head light control L/R
  18. Door and seat control L/R


  1. Functions performed by more than one control unit .
  2. Power Generation

1). Engine Management

2). Control Units in Engine Compartment

3). Engine Compartment CAN BUS Test


  1. Power Transmission

1). Transmission Control

2). Shift Lock


  1. Chassis/ Chassis

1). Brake System

2). Steering System


  1. Body Systems

1). Door

2). Glazing

3). Passive Safety

4). Interior Equipment

5). Seats

6). Climate Control


  1. Communication Information

1). Warning and Control

2). Communications


  1. Control Unit Group
  2. Drive

1). Transmission

2). ESM

3). DTR

4). ME_SFI 2.8 Motor Electronics


  1. Chassis

1). SBC

2). ESP

3). ABC

4). TPC


  1. Body

1). AB Air Bags

2). WSS

3). CGW

4). BNS

5). OCP

6). EZS

7). HRA FR

8). HRA FL

9). LCP

10). PSE

11). Drivers Side SAM

12). Passenger Side SAM

13). Rear SAM

14). RVC

15). Keyless go


  1. Info and Communications

1). ICM Instrument Cluster Module

2). SCM Steering Column

3). PTS Parktronic System

4). Audio, Video, Nav and Telematics


  1. Seats and Doors

1). Door Control Module L/R

2). Seat Control Module L/R


  1. Air Conditioning

1). AAC Automatic A/C

2). STH Stationary Heater

3). HSW Heated Steering Wheel


  1. Diagnostic of Internal Systems

1). ECU

2). Driver Side SAM

3). Passenger Side SAM


5). Pneumatic System

6). Lower Control unit

7). Upper Control Unit

8). Door and Seat Modules

9). A/C

10). Instrument Cluster

11). Power Supply Control Module


  1. Entry of Order Data

1). Enter repair order number. Garage/Dealer Information. (Not used for stand-alone SDS)


  1. Entry for Retrofit / Modifications

1). Brings up a display in German. No submenus. (Not sure of purpose or usage)



1) Start your car, hit the raise button, wait 2 min, hit the raise (lower) button again to settle your car.

2) When you go into your Initial Setup Screen, have your computer outside your car with wires running

through your open window. You probably don’t have a Romess meter, but you can quickly measure the

front wheels and rear wheels to make sure they are at matching height or close as possible while pressing

(+/-) raising/lowering your car by each wheel. I measured from ground to fender. It really doesn’t matter

if your lowest or highest at this point, just make sure your fronts and your rears are close as possible from

left to right.

3) Then press F2 when you within the listed specs and enter your Angles: i.e. 3.2 Front and -1.2 Rear

worked great on my CLS55. This set my height at 26.25″ front and 26.5″ rear.

4) Exit out of the DAS, disconnect cables.

5) Turn off your ign switch and remove key. Then turn your car back on, and follow Step 1. Your settings will

take place as long as your car’s initial angles were in spec.

6) Get to the 211 Section

Xentry User Manual 01

7) You will get to the main menu

Xentry User Manual 02


8) Then go to Func perf by more than…

Xentry User Manual 03

9) Then Chassis

Xentry User Manual 04

10)Then Level adj

Xentry User Manual 05

11)Then Suspension

Xentry User Manual 06


12)And here is where people have problems, they just go to actuations and then lower it, IT WILL NOT STAY

LOWERED this way, you have to go to “initial startup”.

Xentry User Manual 07


13)Then Initial with manual settings.

Xentry User Manual 08


14)Then F2

Xentry User Manual 09

15)Here you will see a screen that shows the voltages which correspond to the height of the vehicle. They

must be within the given ranges in the left hand column. Use the + and – buttons to lower the car.

(In my screenshot I am in the car with a friend in the back seat, so that is why it is at 3.27, it should not

exceed 3), then hit F2

Xentry User Manual 10


16)Enter in these inclination angles and if the car is within the voltages supplied in the page before, the car

will accept the new lowered setting, if not it will reject it.

Xentry User Manual 11

Entry Beep Disable:

1) Now, how to activate the unlock and lock beep (honestly, one of the best mods to do if you have an older

model e55)

First Control units:

Xentry User Manual 12


2) Then Body

Xentry User Manual 13

3) Then rear SAM

Xentry User Manual 14


4) Then Control unit adaptations

Xentry User Manual 15

5) Then national version of ATA function

Xentry User Manual 16

6) At this screen you will see a pull down menu with a list of different regions on it. The only ones you need

to worry about are USA with buzzer and Netherlands. If you choose USA, i will give you three short quick

beeps when you lock the car and one short when you unlock it. Netherlands will give you three longer beeps

when you lock the car and one long when you unlock it. Personal preference on which one you like. Then hit


Xentry User Manual 17


7) Then F3 (YES)

Xentry User Manual 18


Allow the fan to turn on earlier to cool the engine/supercharger:

First go to Control Units

Xentry User Manual 19

Then Drive

Xentry User Manual 20


Then ME 2.8

Xentry User Manual 21


Then Control Unit adaptations

Xentry User Manual 22


Then Correction Programing

Xentry User Manual 23


Then Electric Suction Fan

Xentry User Manual 24

Then Hit F5 until it changes to -10 and hit F2

Xentry User Manual 25


Activate Remaining fuel display in Instrument Cluster:

Xentry User Manual 26


KeyLess Go Key reminder off

Go into the CGW and change KG to “Not Fitted”. It will still work. You will not get the annoying reminder beeps.

The Instrument Cluster will not turn red if you are at a stop, while in gear, and press the KG button like it does

now (telling you to put the car in Park). If your car is a wagon, the hatch will not open. That’s the only ill effects.

I know it seems petty but got to be very annoying.


Misc. Settings :

TeleAid Delete : Control units > ICM > Codings and adaptations > Special Equipment > TELE AID (set to “NOT PRESENT” and download to instrument cluster).


To enable cornering lights :


Set Turning Lamps to PRESENT


To enable tank content remaining (gallons left) :

Inf & Comm -> Instr. Custer -> Diag. to Plant Spec. -> Control Unit Adapt. -> Variant Coding -> Read Coding


and change….



– You then need to reset the “kombiinstrument” (reboot)

Reset in DEV: Steuergeraet Resetten (PowerON-Modus) (FN_Reset_SG_Power_ON)

Some reading led me to find some sites say to also enable: Menu RR: Reichweite/Tankinfo

But mine works without so I didn’t enable this second one…

To enable flashing brake lights on emergency braking (missing on my SAM)

Control Units -> Body -> Rear SAM -> Dev. Data -> Control Unit Adapt. -> Control Unit Adapt. (Variant Coding)

Scroll to: Parameter Notbremsung, in the submenu you will have two more options: select zugelassen (enable)

Think the first choice is flashing brake and second is hazard lights, enable one or the other or both…


Enable Date in the Cluster (I’ve yet to do this one)

Control Units -> Inf. & Comms. -> IC – Instr. cluster -> Diag. to plant spec -> Control unit adapt. -> Control unit

adapt. ( Variant coding ) -> Variantkodierung Werkseinstellungen: Set “Datumsanzeige Grundbildebene” to aktiv.


– Then reboot the cluster


Change Speed limiter:

Log on to DAS, connect to the car, select:

Control Units -> Drive -> ME-SFI 28 -> Development Data.

Then select the Control Unit Adaptations -> Explizite Kodierung


R230 Disable TPC Tire pressure monitor STAR:

So if you ever took your car to the shop to disable that annoying tire pressure monitor light on the dash and they

told you they couldn’t show them the steps.

1.Connect xentry to the car ignition on


Xentry User Manual 27

  1. System Diagnosis ( Control Modules > Body > System Diagnosis )

Xentry User Manual 28

  1. Control Unit Adaptations

Xentry User Manual 29


  1. Read Coding and change if necessary

Xentry User Manual 30


  1. Specified Configurations

Xentry User Manual 31


  1. All Codes

Xentry User Manual 32


  1. Choose TPC (already disabled)

Xentry User Manual 33


  1. Choose not fitted or fitted if you were trying to enable

Xentry User Manual 34


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