Important tips for installing V17.04 wiTech MicroPod 2 on Win7 32bit /64bit

Have questions with V17.04 wiTech MicroPod 2:

I bought a wiTECH Micropod 2 clone. I have several questions:

  1. How do I install it on my laptop? It came with the CD but no instructions.
  2. I was looking at one site and it said I should start with a fresh reload of Windows 7. Wouldn’t that delete all of the stuff I have on my old laptop?
  3. My old laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium and according to some blog article, I need Windows 7 Professional.

I’m looking to perform diagnostics and reset the hard DTC in the TCM.

Witech Micropod 2

wiTECH V17.04 installation tips (very important):

  1. Yes a fresh reload of windows will delete all your stuff unless you have it backed up.

You are advised to install wiTECH V17.04 on a fresh win7, if it is not a fresh system, when there is a problem with the installation, it may be the cause of a software conflict or the computer may be infected.


  1. Required operation system: will woks on Win7 32bit / 64 bit without any problem, no matter Win7 home premium or professional or Ultimate ( engineer tested professional & Ultimate ok)


3.You have to make yourself the Admin of your laptop. After doing that, wiTECH is able to save the change (I changed the 5 to a 6) shown in the following video:

(Video content: How to Solve 17.04 wiTech MicroPod 2 registration issues)


  1. Is allowed to connect them to the internet when you use the device.
    First connect MicroPodII to vehicle, if the red indicator turns on, then connect to laptop and run software.


  1. Finally, this is wiTECH V17.04 software for free download:!Nm5QRQYR!fVPAE7SNtYa2iE5eqQaZ1zyW7A1nh94-vPGpK1Iu3lg

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