How to use Yanhua ACDP to renew BMW CAS2?

Question: Hey on BMW cas 2 to write data can I solder directly to the board since I don’t have adapter?

My purpose is to renew cas.

Look the image 1 of ACDP option and the pinout:

Yanhua Acdp Renew Bmw Cas2 01

Yanhua Acdp Renew Bmw Cas2 02


Yanhua ACDP chief engineer replied:

You can read the CAS2 data by inserting ACDP MINI to the car’s OBD2 port.

If the CAS2 is dismantled, please buy one extra ACDP module 1 inside there is one BDM-ICP adapter, use it to read out the CAS2 data and to renew.


Image 3: yanhua mini acdp module 1

Yanhua Acdp Renew Bmw Cas2 03


Image 4: BDM-ICP adapter

Yanhua Acdp Renew Bmw Cas2 04


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