If Yanhua mini acdp program key on JLR locked kvm?

Question: Can anyone confirm if Yanhua mini acdp does tool do JLR locked kvm`s ?

Answer: It does. I did one today.


It’s done everything I’ve asked of it so far.
JLR locked kvm
FEM and bdc spare keys
Cas3+ 9389115 all keys lost

Make sure you’re using the correct frequency keys though. I had one wrongly labeled as 433 when it was 315 and that caused problems.

Only discovered when I went to do it with CGDI and it spotted the wrong frequency. ACDP doesn’t check obviously.

MINI ACDP all key lost for JLR KVM step-by-step:

Acdp Kvm Module Unlock 01 Acdp Kvm Module Unlock 02 Acdp Kvm Module Unlock 03 Acdp Kvm Module Unlock 04 Acdp Kvm Module Unlock 05

Video on Yanhua Mini ACDP Program LANDROVER KVM Add Keys &All Keys Lost(English):



Yanhua mini acdp tech support: www.obdexpress.co.uk