How to get Audi A2 2018 MQB Sync file AKL for Lonsdor or VVDI2?

Audi A2 2018 all Keys lost, I have read eeprom + immo data from original working key. Lonsdor and VVDI2 ask me sync file, but I haven’t any sync file. How to do?

There are 2 options:
1, buy a dealer key from Audi then use immo data to learn key.
2, use a MQB all keys lost service, lots offering this service now!

Sync file has to come from a working key or online calculation.

3. To win the 2h work to read ecu motor or tcu, pay 100usd for sync file.

Lesson learned! ( always save sync file when doing spare key jobs)

Finally, use Lonsdor or VVDI2 to program key for Audi A2 2018. uploaded a YouTube video on how to use VVDI2 to program key for Audi A2 2018 when all keys lost: