Lonsdor KH100 remote & smart key generation List

Interested in Lonsdor KH100 Remote/ Smart Key Programmer, but have no idea if it meet what you expect it to do? This article is available with the workable list.

Lonsdor KH100 - Lonsdor KH100 remote & smart key generation List - Lonsdor KH100


  1. Lonsdor KH100 can generate the following remote keys.
Lonsdor   KH100 Remote Key Generation List
Enclave/GMCsedan/H2   w/button start ID46 315MHz
Enclave/GMCsedan/H2   w/PANIC ID46 315MHz
PLC 433MHz
PLC-DC-5 Guard   Against Theft 05626 315Mhz
WULING SB007093 05882   315Mhz
A3 220D 2014 ID48   433MHz
A3TT 220G ID48 315MHz
A4 231P 231E   1997-2005 ID48 315MHz
A6 231M 2002-2004   ID48 315MHz
A6 2319(231E)   1997-2004 ID48 315MHz
A6 Allroad Quattro   1998-2004 ID48 433MHz
A8 231M 1997-2003   ID48 315MHz
TT 231P(231E)   2000-2005 ID48 315MHz
TT 231M 2002-2004   ID48 315MHz
TT 220D ID48 433MHz
TT 231N 1998-2002   ID48 433MHz
TT Quattro 231M   2002-2004 ID48 315MHz
231/231N/231A/231R   ID48 433MHz
610/630 2011 433MHz
Spark Bar key 315MHz
New Spark Flip key   2009-2012 315MHz
Old MINI? 315M 315MHz
Old MINI? 433M 433MHz
V3 Heavy-Duty Truck   433MHz
BJ40 Rolling Code   2014-2016 315MHz
BJ40L 47IMMO   (separate 47 chip) 433MHz
EC180 EV 433MHz
EC200 EV 433MHz
H2E Fixed Code? 433MHz
M20 Rolling Code   315MHz
M20/M30 433MHz
M20 M30 B39015 433 2   433.9Mhz
Yusheng 007 315MHz
Hyosow H2 15-16   433MHz
Hyosow H2 Fixed Code   434MHz
Hyosow H3 15 433MHz
Hyosow H3 16 433MHz
Hyosow H3 15? 434MHz
Hyosow S2 102307 14   433MHz
Hyosow S2 10230L 14   433MHz
Hyosow S2/S3 137103   433MHz
Hyosow S2/S3   155308? 434MHz
Hyosow S3 102307 14   433MHz
Hyosow S3 10230L 14   433MHz
Hyosow S6 433MHz
Hyosow H2 (old)   433MHz
Luling pickup 315MHz
Cherokee/Knight/Jeep   250/2700 Fixed Code 315MHz
Weiwang 306/307? 315MHz
Weiwang M20 Flip key   Fixed Code 13 315MHz
Weiwang M20 Rolling   Code 433MHz
Weiwang M20 Fixed   Code 315MHz
Yinxiang M35 433MHz
Weiwang M20 Modify   315 057282 315Mhz
Weiwang M20 Modify   433 057538 433.9Mhz
Hyosow S5 17-18   0540824 434.4Mhz
EC220 18 0524447   433Mhz
MB100 315MHz
B30? ID46 433.9MHz
B30 Version 2   433.9Mhz
B50? 2009-2014 433MHz
B70? 2006-2011 ID63 315MHz
B70 Flip key (B50   shell) 2012 ID63 433.9MHz
B90 Oley Faw parted   2012-2015 433.9MHz
B90/B70 2012-2015   ID4D 433MHz
X80? 2013 433MHz
X40 0536978 433.9Mhz
CRV/City/Odyssey 2013   ID46 433.9MHz
CRV(old) Bar key? ID48 315MHz
HLK-5T Odyssey IMP   from USA 313.8MHz
Odyssey 2004-2018   ID48 315MHz
Odyssey -2004 ID13   313.8MHz
Odyssey -2004 ID13   315MHz
Odyssey -2004 ID13   433.9MHz
Odyssey IMP? ID46 313.8MHz
Odyssey USA std 2014   ID46 313.8MHz
HONDA 2.4 313.8MHz
HONDA 5-Buttons   313MHz
Fit IMP from USA 2014   ID46 313.8MHz
City IMP from USA   2014 ID46 313.8MHz
Concept 2011-2014   315MHz
Civic 2012-2014 ID46   433.9MHz
Accord 2.3 2002 ID13   313.8MHz
Accord 2.3 2002 ID13   315MHz
Accord 2.3 2002 ID13   433.9MHz
Accord IMP from USA   2014 ID46 313.8MHz
Accord Gen. 7   2003-2007 ID8E 433.9MHz
Accord Gen. 7   Civic/Fit(Old) 2003-2007 ID48 315MHz
Accord Gen.   7/City/Fit(Old) Adjust 2003-2007 ID78 315.1Mhz
Accord Gen. 8   2008-2012 ID36 313.8MHz
Accord Gen. 8   2008-2012 ID36 315MHz
Accord Gen. 8   (Original car guide)electronic 2008-2012 ID46 433.9MHz
BISU T3 434.4Mhz
F0 Bar key 2013   315Mhz
F3 Ver.1 2011- 315Mhz
F3 Ver.2 2011- 315Mhz
F3 Rolling Code -2011   315Mhz
F6 Bar key 10 315Mhz
GL8 No words? Parted 2004-2011 315MHz
GL8 With words? Parted 2004-2015 ID13 315MHz
GL8 Century GM2-3   Parted ID13 315MHz
Enclave Parted   2009-2014 ID46 315MHz
Enclave GMC sedan/H2   w/button start ID46 315MHz
Enclave GMC sedan/H2   w/PANIC ID46 315MHz
Hummer H2 Parted   2004-2008 ID46 315MHz
Regal Parted ID13   315MHz
Regal Parted (Trunk   with delay) 315MHz
Lacrosse 4-Buttons   2006 ID13 315MHz
Lacrosse 5-Buttons   w/button start 315MHz
Lacrosse 5-Buttons   w/button start 2 315Mhz
Lacrosse 5-Buttons   w/PANIC ID46 315MHz
Lacrosse 5-Buttons   w/PANIC 2 315Mhz
Excelle 2004-2006   ID60 433MHz
Excelle Ver.1   2004-2006 ID60 433.9Mhz
Excelle Ver.1   2007-2011 ID60 315MHz
Excelle Ver.2   2007-2011 315MHz
Excelle HRV 2007-2011   ID60 315MHz
Excelle 12 ID70   433MHz
Excelle 2012 433MHz
Excelle 2015- 0558994   433.9Mhz
Park Avenue? 2007-2011 ID46 315MHz
Park Avenue 2   2007-2011 315Mhz
Firstland IMP   3-Buttons PANIC ID13 315MHz
Firstland IMP   4-Buttons? ID13 315MHz
Firstland IMP With   Side Door ID13 315MHz
Firstland2.5? 315MHz
Firstland(domestic)   GL8 2.4 ID13 315MHz
Firstland(domestic)   GL8 2.4 2 ID13 315Mhz
M70 2017 434MHz
Spica 0535186 315Mhz
F10 F16 F99 2011-2012   315Mhz
F12 Type 2 315Mhz
F12 Type 1 315Mhz
T70 2012-2016   433.9Mhz
T70 Ver.2 ID4D   433.9Mhz
T70 FSK 2016-2018   0514706 433Mhz
G10 2013 433MHz
V80 2015 433MHz
Dayun Heavy-Duty   Truck 433.9Mhz
1JO 959 753 DJ ID48   315MHz
1JO 959 753 DJ Ver.2   ID48 315Mhz
1KO 959 753N 202Q   ID48 434MHz
1KO-959-753-G 434MHz
202AD 202AJ 202L 202H   ID48 434MHz
5KO 837 202 E ID48   434MHz
753L Sagitar(Old)   ID48 315MHz
753L 315 Sagitar(Old)   Ver.2 ID48 315Mhz
Bora Classic 315.5   2004-2006 ID48 315Mhz
GL/Jetta/Xinrui   2013-2015 ID48 434MHz
GL/Santana/Haona   2013-2015 ID48 434MHz
Golf 2004 ID48   433.9Mhz
Superb/New   Bora/Sagitar/Golf 2012-2015 ID48 433MHz
Jetta long bright   315.5 ID48 315.5Mhz
Jetta   blink (Adapt -2009 long bright) 315.5Mhz ID48 315.5Mhz
Jetta blink (Old)   ID42 315Mhz
IMP Tiguan 202AE   315Mhz
Lavida/Octavia 2013-   ID48 434MHz
Lavida/Bora/Scirocco   -13/Tiguan -2011 ID48 434MHz
Passat/Bora/Golf/Polo   ID48 315Mhz
Passat/Polo/Tiguan/New   Santana 2012-2015 ID48 434MHz
Passat(Old)/IMP Bora   ID48 433MHz
Santana/Santana Vista   Parted 2004-2010 ID48 315Mhz
Sagitar 2010-2012/10-   Octavia/Fabia ID48 434MHz
Sharan(4-Buttons   Remote) ID48 434MHz
Dito 433.9Mhz
Chenglong/Balong507   M7 609 315MHz
Hercules/Teloon/Tianjin   434MHz
Capital N300 Light   truck 315MHz
DFLZ 507 M7 609   315MHz
DFLZ Chenglong M3 M5   H5 057037 315Mhz
Fengxing MPV 315MHz
Yufeng 315MHz
Fengguang 330S 315MHz
Fengguang 360 370   FB02 433MHz
Fengguang 580 433MHz
Aeolus A30 315MHz
Aeolus AX3 315MHz
Aeolus H30 S30   2009-2014 315MHz
Aeolus? Parted 315MHz
Aeolus? Bar key 315MHz
Aeolus? Bar key Swap 315Mhz
Aeolus S50 S500 2016   ID46 433MHz
Aeolus SX6 F600 2016   Lingzhi 2017 ID46 433MHz
Fengxing Lingzhi MPV   315MHz
Joyear Flip key   2014-2015 ID46 315MHz
Joyear S50 ID46   433MHz
Joyear X3 XV 2016   ID46 433MHz
Joyear X3 X5   2013-2017 Lingzhi M5 16 ID46 433MHz
Joyear X5 2016 ID46   433MHz
Joyear X6 2017 ID46   433MHz
Joyear XV 2016 ID46   433MHz
Junfeng CV03 315MHz
Kama Pickup 315MHz
Lingzhi M3 Rolling   Code Copyable 2013-2016 433MHz
Lingzhi M3 JoyearX5   ID46 315MHz
Lingzhi M5 2017-2018   433MHz
Succe Bar key 2013   ID46 315MHz
Succe Bar key1 2013   ID46 315MHz
Succe 2014-2015 ID46   315MHz
Succe Bar key   2-Buttons 2015 ID46 315MHz
Wisman EV5 315MHz
XiaoKang C31 Bar key   315MHz
Fengxing 550 0529306   433Mhz
Fengxing CM7 2016   0529306 433Mhz
Aeolus AX41 0543896   315Mhz
Aeolus AX42 0543640   315Mhz
CM7 2015 0536722   315Mhz
(Old)Delica Parted   ID4C 335MHz
Lingzhi V5/Linshi V6   2012-2016 315MHz
Highlander/Yaris/Verso/Yaris   2014- ID8A 315MHz
Highlander/RAV4 FSK   2014- 315MHz
Highlander/RAV4 FSK 2   2014- 315Mhz
Camry/Carol/Crown/RAV4   2014- ID8A 315MHz
VIOS/YARiS L 2014-   315MHz
TOYOTA trimming? 2014- ID8A 315Mhz
YARiS   L/Levin/Reiz/Vios/Prado 2014- ID8A 315MHz
Highlander/Yaris/Verso/VIOS/Prado   -2014 ID68 315MHz
Camry/Carol/Crown/RAV4   -2014 ID68 315MHz
TOYOTA trimming? -2014 315Mhz
TOYOTA trimming 1   -2014 315Mhz
1512H 314MHz
Toyota Taiwan 2015-   433Mhz
Taiwan Carol VIOS   2015- ID8A 314Mhz
Taiwan Wish   Highlander Carol 2015- 314Mhz
Taiwan Wish   Highlander Carol 2015- 433Mhz
Taiwan Highlander   wish Carol 2015- 433Mhz
Taiwan VIOS CarolVIOS   2015- ID8A 314Mhz
Fortuner Parted   2006-2008 314MHz
Toyota(old) 2098-2002   315MHz
FJ Land Cruiser ID68   315MHz
FJ Land Cruiser   2008-2012 ID67 314MHz
FJ Land Cruiser   433MHz
Alphard 4-Buttons   314MHz
Alphard 4-Buttons 1   314.4Mhz
Evans 433MHz
Prado Camry ID4C   314MHz
Prado Camry Previa   ID4C 315MHz
Prado Middle-East   2010-2014 ID8A 433MHz
Prado W/trunk -2013   ID68 315MHz
Prado Camry? ID68 314MHz
Prado Lexus 48110   ID68 315MHz
TOYOTA? (Old) 314MHz
HiLux Fortuner Takuma   433MHz
Hiace ID68 315MHz
Sequoia Tundra IMP   from USA 315MHz
Sequoia Tundra IMP   from USA w/trunk? 315MHz
Crown IMP Bar key   2005-2013? 314MHz
Camry 304MHz
CamryPrado 50171 ID68   433MHz
Camry? 2009-2013 ID68 312MHz
Camry IMP 2009-2013   ID68 314MHz
Prado(old) ID4C   304MHz
Prado(old)   trimming? 304.3Mhz
Corolla(old)/VIOS   Rolling Code 315MHz
Corolla(old)/VIOS   Rolling Code Ver.2 ID4C 315Mhz
Previa(Old)/Prado   ID4C 313MHz
Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna   433MHz
Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna   W/Slide Door 315Mhz
Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna   W/trunk 315Mhz
Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna   W/trunk1 315Mhz
Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna   W/trunk ID68 315Mhz
Levin FSK 2018   0551314 315Mhz
Camry 2016 DJ3810   2017 0515474 433.9Mhz
ER45778 0549522   433.9Mhz
Land cruiser ASK 2018   0544415 433.9Mhz
Prado ASK 2018   0515474 433.9Mhz
Foudy pickup 315Mhz
LanFu F22 315Mhz
Explorer3/Explorer6   315Mhz
Explorer3/Explorer6   button-swap 315Mhz
M70 EX80 433Mhz
Focus Flip key Auto   Close Window 2005-2011 ID63 433Mhz
Focus Fiesta   2005-2011 ID60 433Mhz
USA std 4-Buttons   5-ButtonsParted 315Mhz
Navigator 315Mhz
Raptor F150 pickup   315Mhz
Mondeo 2004-2006 ID60   433Mhz
Edge Explorer   w/button start 315Mhz
Edge Explorer   w/button start 433.9Mhz
Edge Explorer w/PANIC   ID63 315Mhz
Edge Explorer w/PANIC   ID63 433Mhz
New Focus/Mondeo   2011/Escape 2013 ID63 433Mhz
New Focus/Mondeo   2011/Escape 2013 ID63 433.9Mhz
Ollin Yano S 433.9Mhz
Landscape Express   315.5Mhz
Foton pickup/Sapp   VT/Conqueror 6 315Mhz
Foton Leone F22   315Mhz
MP-X A1292 Telematics   Box 315Mhz
Auman GTL 433.9Mhz
Savanna? Tunland 3-Buttons 2015 433Mhz
Tujano? Minivan 2018 433Mhz
Tunland 2-Buttons   2015 433Mhz
Ollin TS CTS 0546450   433.9Mhz
Aumark S1/S2 0546450   433.9Mhz
Rowor 0546450   433.9Mhz
GP150 pickup 2015   315Mhz
Caiyun 100 300 500   2010 315Mhz
Geo GX5 GX6 433.9Mhz
ShuaiJian? Kairui 2009-2012 315Mhz
Dojo pioneer S? 0510354 315Mhz
Supaq 0512146 315Mhz
Yintai EX1 EV 059074   433.9Mhz
Zhufeng EV436.4   058818 434.4Mhz
Wuyang-Honda 0511890   315Mhz
Levdeo D70 0511634   433.9Mhz
Lvjia 0511378   433.9Mhz
Lima 0554130 433.9Mhz
Emma 0553874 433.9Mhz
Jiangfeng 0553618   426.22Mhz
Lijie 0553362 315Mhz
Jinpeng X5 0554898   315Mhz
Jinpeng 0554642   315Mhz
Qifeng K7 0554386   315Mhz
Oulu 0556178 315Mhz
Hantour Aishang EV   0555922 315Mhz
Yueshun 0555666   315Mhz
Yadea 0555410 312Mhz
Baoya New Energy   0552082 433.9Mhz
TaiLG 0551826 308Mhz
Jianyong 0551570   315Mhz
EV Dayang 0539282   315.5Mhz
Dojo navigator   0534930 315Mhz
Saima Mitsubishi   System Parted 2002-2009 315Mhz
Saima Saibao Parted   430Mhz
Saima Saibao Parted   Ver.1 430Mhz
SaimaParted Ver.2   430Mhz
Happin? Blue light 315.5Mhz
323 Green light   2005-2008 315Mhz
323 Flip key   2005-2008 315Mhz
323 Green light 2   315Mhz
@3 16-17 EV 433Mhz
M3 2013-2016 433.9Mhz
M3 M5 1 433.9Mhz
M3 M5 always-on 2   2013-2015 433.9Mhz
M3 M5 blink 2013-2015   433Mhz
M3 M5 always-on 2015   433Mhz
M5(14) V70(16) 433Mhz
M6 2013 433.9Mhz
M6 2015 433Mhz
S5 2014-2016 433.9Mhz
S5 2014 433Mhz
S5 2017 433.9Mhz
S5 315Mhz
S7 2013-2015 ID46   315.5Mhz
S7 Flip key 2013-2015   315.5Mhz
Family 2015 433Mhz
Family 3rd Gen. ID46   315Mhz
Family 2nd Gen. 06   315Mhz
Family 2013 315.5Mhz
Family Red Light   Parted 315Mhz
Family(old) Red Light   Parted 315Mhz
Family? Freema 2011 ID46 315.5Mhz
Haima Yellow Light   Parted 315Mhz
S5 315Mhz
Huandong Family? 2007 315Mhz
Huandong Family? 1 2007 315Mhz
Freema(old) 315Mhz
Knight(2010-2013)/2014   Family? ID46 315.5Mhz
Prince Aishang Bar   key 2-Buttons 315.5Mhz
New Freema ID8C   315.5Mhz
V70 0525723 433Mhz
Aishang EV 2018   0524955 433Mhz
X7 433.9Mhz
Hummer H2 OUC60270   ID46 315Mhz
Hummer H2 LHJ011 ID46   315Mhz
Hummer H3 ID13 315Mhz
Tuteng T2 315Mhz
M305 315Mhz
Boliger 2012 315Mhz
Santa Fe 3 2006-2015   315Mhz
Santa Fe Ver.1   2006-2015 315Mhz
Santa Fe Ver.2   2006-2015 ID46 315Mhz
E70 0549778 315Mhz
EV160 0550290 315Mhz
B11 0550290 315Mhz
N1 DaChaiShen   2009-2012 433.9Mhz
Parted 315Mhz
Pickup 315Mhz
Qisheng 1 2007-2012   433.9Mhz
Qisheng V3 2011-2015   433.9Mhz
N3 Pickup 3-Buttons   Flip key 053442 433.9Mhz
N3 Pickup 2-Buttons   Flip key 0551580 433.9Mhz
Cross 2016 8-pin Chip   433.9Mhz
Emgrand EC7 Three   Circle 433.9Mhz
GX7 GX720 W/CAN   2012-2015 433.9Mhz
GX7(GX718)Flip key   Copyable 2012-2015 433.9Mhz
GX7(GX718)Button-Swap   2012-2015 433.9Mhz
Emgrand   EC(EC715 EC718)Three Circle System 2009-2012 ID46 433Mhz
Emgrand EC8 Delphi   System 2011-2015 ID46 433Mhz
Emgrand EC8   Mitsubishi System 2 2011-2015 ID46 433Mhz
Emgrand EC8 GC1D UAES   System ID46 433.9Mhz
Emgrand EC8(EC820)   20-pin 2011-2013 ID46 433.9Mhz
Emgrand EC8(EC820)   20-pin 1 2011-2013 ID46 433.9Mhz
Cross 520002 Parted   2006-2011 315Mhz
Cross 576271 630 1   2006-2011 315Mhz
Cross Magna 2014-2016   433Mhz
Cross 20-pin 2016   434Mhz
Cross 1702355(case)   Parted 315Mhz
Eagle 520002 Parted   2008-2011 315Mhz
Beauty leopard Fixed   Code 315Mhz
Gleagle 270016   Copyable ID46 315Mhz
Gleagle 2-Buttons   Flip key Copyable ID46 315Mhz
Gleagle GX20 2011   315Mhz
Gleagle K17 EV   433.9Mhz
Panda GX215 2014   433Mhz
Panda Fixed Code   433.9Mhz
Panda Fixed Code   RT1529 315Mhz
Panda Fixed Code   RT1529 315Mhz
Panda Fixed   CodeRT1529 2 315Mhz
Panda Parted 270016   433.9Mhz
PandaParted Rolling   Code 315Mhz
Panda Flip key 2016   433Mhz
Englon Cross Zhihui   Dianzhuang 433.9Mhz
Englon Cross Zhihui   Dianzhuang 1 ID36 433.9Mhz
Englon GC7(GC715)   8-pin 2010-2015 ID46 315Mhz
Englon GC715 13   Gleagle ID46 433.9Mhz
Englon GC715 13   Gleagle 1 ID46 433.9Mhz
Englon SC3   Astronavigation ID46 433Mhz
Englon SC3 Type 2   ID46 433.9Mhz
Englon SC5 Flip key   2011 ID46 315Mhz
Englon SC5Flip key   Copyable 2011 ID46 433.9Mhz
Englon SC6 2010 ID46   433.9Mhz
Englon   SC7(SC715)8-pin 2010-2015 ID46 315Mhz
Englon   SC7(SC715)8-pin 2010-2015 ID46 433.9Mhz
Englon SC718 8-pin   433.9Mhz
Englon Eagle Bar   key3-Buttons 315Mhz
Vision 10-pin 433   2015-2016 ID46 433.9Mhz
Vision 10-pin 315   2015-2016 315Mhz
Vision 270014 315Mhz
Vision 270014 Ver.2   ID47 315Mhz
Vision 20-pin   2016-2017 433.9Mhz
Vision sedan VisionX1   X3 2017 433.9Mhz
Free Cruiser 270016   2005-2009 315Mhz
Free Cruiser 512005   2005-2009 315Mhz
Free Cruiser 520002   2005-2009 315Mhz
Free Cruiser 2015   ID46 315Mhz
Free Cruiser 2015   ID46 433.9Mhz
Free Cruiser 250025   Rolling Code 315Mhz
Free Cruiser 250025   Rolling Code 1 315Mhz
Free Cruiser   Telematics Box 1702336 315Mhz
GX213 0531615 315Mhz
Free Cruiser   Telematics Box1702384 0550044 315Mhz
Haijing 8-pin 0513682   433.9Mhz
Kangdi EV 0516242   433.9Mhz
Haishang M305 0550808   315Mhz
Vision 2015 0557714   433.9Mhz
Vision8-pin 2017   0536466 433.9Mhz
IEV6 EV 2017 433.9Mhz
M3 M5 315Mhz
S2 2017 433.9Mhz
Benjoy 2008-2009   315.1Mhz
Benjoy 2011-2012   315Mhz
Benjoy 2011-2012   315Mhz
Geerfa Copyable   433.9Mhz
Hechang 2011 433.9Mhz
RS A30 Flip key   Copyable 2013 433Mhz
Sunray 315Mhz
IEV3 IEV5 EV 315Mhz
Pickup Fixed Code   315Mhz
Refine? Shuttle 315Mhz
Refine M3 Flip key   Copyable 2015 433Mhz
Refine M4 M5 2014   433Mhz
Refine M5 2012   433.9Mhz
Refine S2 2015 433Mhz
Refine S2 M2 Flip key   Copyable 2015 433Mhz
Refine S3 Flip key   2013 433.9Mhz
Refine S3 2015 433Mhz
Refine S5 2012-2015   433.9Mhz
Refine S5 Flip key   2012-2015 433.9Mhz
Refine(HY) 311Mhz Bar   key 311Mhz
Ruiling 433.9Mhz
ShuaiLing 433.9Mhz
RS 2008-2012 433.9Mhz
Geerfa 2017 0512914   433.9Mhz
Sunray 2017-2018   0529307 433Mhz
IEV5 0555677 433.9Mhz
IEV3 Bar key 2013   052162 315Mhz
Junling V6 V7 0559256   433.9Mhz
ShuaiLing T6 0512402   433.9Mhz
ShuaiLing Type 1 2018   0532381 433.9Mhz
Refine M4 2017   0529563 433Mhz
GeerfaK7 Flip key   2018 0539794 433.9Mhz
GeerfaA5 0536210   433.9Mhz
E100 Fixed Code   433.9Mhz
S350(N350) 2011-2016   315Mhz
S350(N350) 1   2011-2016 315Mhz
T5 T7 Flip key 2017   433.9Mhz
Baodian 2016 315Mhz
Baodian 2016 434Mhz
Baodian Bar key 2017   315Mhz
Baowei 315.5 Copyable   315.5Mhz
JMC Qiling 433.9Mhz
JMC T5/T7 434Mhz
JMC Transit ID63   315Mhz
Kaiyun 2016 315Mhz
Kaiyun Type 1   315.5Mhz
Kaiyun Type 2   315.5Mhz
Transit ID63 433.9Mhz
Teshun 433.9Mhz
Yusheng 2011-2016   315Mhz
Yusheng 2011-2016   ID36 433.9Mhz
Yuhu Bar key Flip key   2012 315Mhz
Yuhu Pickup 433.9Mhz
Yuhu Pickup Ver.2   433.9Mhz
KaiyunN720 N800   0518041 315Mhz
JMC Qiling T5/T7/T100   05113784 433.9Mhz
Jaguar 315Mhz
Old Jaguar Flip key   433Mhz
Prado 315Mhz
Hercules 315Mhz
Grace 433Mhz
Grace 2014-2016   315Mhz
Hiace Parted   2011-2016 315Mhz
JinBei-Brilliance   starfish A7 A3/Hiace Bar key 315Mhz
ShangZhi S30 S35   315Mhz
Hager Longwei Pickup   433Mhz
Hager Big hiace H5C   315Mhz
Hager MPV 315Mhz
coach YK1001B 315Mhz
Paean 315Mhz
Coach 315.5Mhz
Pickup 433.9Mhz
DaMaPai 315Mhz
K1 Pickup 16 433.9Mhz
KAWEI Fixed Code   343Mhz
CTS L2C0005T No.1   2004-2007 315Mhz
CTS L2C0005T No.2   2004-2007 315Mhz
CTS L2C0005T No.1   2004-2007 433.9Mhz
CTS L2C0005T No.2   2004-2007 433.9Mhz
CTS L2C0005T No.2   Ver.2 2004-2007 433.9Mhz
CTS OUC6000066   2009-2013 ID46 315Mhz
CTS(Old Ver.) Delphi   12223085-107 1号 315Mhz
CTS(Old Ver.) Delphi   12223085-107 2号 315Mhz
Chrysler PT pickup   2006-2009 ID46 315Mhz
Chrysler GQ43VT13T   433Mhz
Rolling Code 433.9Mhz
Prince 433.9Mhz
D50 2014 433.9Mhz
Leijun EV 315Mhz
LX470 2004-2007   314Mhz
RX300 2008-2012   312Mhz
RX350 GX 2004-2006   ID4C 314.4Mhz
Old RX350 RX330 GS300   ID4C 314.4Mhz
48110 ID68 315Mhz
520 Parted 2006-2012   315Mhz
620 White Button   315Mhz
720 433.9Mhz
720 2 433.9Mhz
Fengshun Fushun   315Mhz
Fushun 315Mhz
Lotto S 2 433.9Mhz
C35E 0515986 315Mhz
330 2013 0535954   433.9Mhz
Daojue/Pioneer EV   315Mhz
EV 2 315Mhz
EV 315Mhz
EV Type 2 315Mhz
Lotus Flip key 46chip   1.6 1.8 ID46 315Mhz
Lotus Flip key 46   chip 1.6 1.8 Ver.2 315Mhz
Lotus Bar key 2   433.9Mhz
Lotus 48 ID48 315Mhz
Lotus 48 Ver.2 ID48   315Mhz
CS10 ID40 433.9Mhz
CS10 2 ID40 433.9Mhz
CS5 CS6 2007-2014   315.5Mhz
CT5 2011-2014 315Mhz
Q6 2014 315Mhz
Yangzi Pickup 315Mhz
HeiJinGang CA00925   2002-2014 315Mhz
CT7 0545938 433.9Mhz
3-Buttons 315Mhz
Auto-Lifting Window   315Mhz
Bar key 315Mhz
Alto Reach 2015 ID46   433Mhz
Wagon R 315Mhz
Wagon R Parted 315Mhz
Liana Fixed Code   2005-2013 ID67 315Mhz
Liana Jimny 2005-2013   ID65 315.1Mhz
Liana A6 2014 ID68   315Mhz
Gazelle Bar key   2004-2013 315Mhz
SX4 2006 ID46 433Mhz
Swift 2005 ID46   315Mhz
OV288 W/Mute 433.9Mhz
OV288 w/PANIC 433Mhz
JO 315Mhz
V5 315Mhz
X5 2 2012 434.4Mhz
X5 -2014 433.9Mhz
X5(2015-) X8(part)   434.4Mhz
X6 Rolling Code   315Mhz
X6 X8 Fixed Code   315Mhz
X6 X8 Fixed Code Type   2 315Mhz
X9 Parted 315Mhz
Fashion 315Mhz
Fenghua 315Mhz
e-X5 315Mhz
2006- M6/-2011 M3   Parted ID63 315Mhz
M6 Parted -2006 ID63   315Mhz
M3 M6 Micra Raptor   2011- ID63 433Mhz
2011 M3/M6 Flip key   433.9Mhz
2011 M3/M6 Flip key   ID63 433.9Mhz
2014 DJ5976 2011   315Mhz
41846 41805 313Mhz
41846 41805-TW 313Mhz
M2 2007-2012 433Mhz
M5 IMP 433Mhz
M5 IMP Mitsubishi   System 315Mhz
M5 IMP 2009DJ4585   433.9Mhz
CX7 0533403 433Mhz
MG3 (Old) 433.9Mhz
MG3 (Old)   trimming? 433.9Mhz
MG7 ID36 315Mhz
MG7 ID36 433Mhz
U6 Bar key 2014   315Mhz
U6 纳5 S5 2014 433Mhz
P27 Reach Pickup   315Mhz
P27 Reach Pickup   Ver.2 315Mhz
P27 Reach Pickup   Ver.3 315Mhz
P27 Reach Pickup   315.5 315Mhz
P27 Reach Pickup   button-swap 315Mhz
VDO with PANIC button   315Mhz
Oting Yumsun   2007-2013 315Mhz
Oting Yumsun   button-swap 2007-2013 315Mhz
ElectricWave W/PANIC   Button ID46 315Mhz
ElectricWave W/PANIC   Button ID46 433.9Mhz
ElectricWave W/Trunk   ID46 433Mhz
ElectricWave W/Trunk   PANIC ID46 315Mhz
ElectricWave Sylphy   Tiida Sunshine 2014 ID46 433Mhz
Bluebird   Single-Button 315Mhz
Bluebird   Single-Button 315.5Mhz 315.5Mhz
Navarre ElectricWave   ID46 433Mhz
2005   Sunshine(domestic) PA200 315Mhz
VDO w/PANIC 4-Buttons   315Mhz
VDO 433.9Mhz
Tiida ElectricWave   Bar key 2013 ID46 315Mhz
Patrol 28268-3S80   314.8Mhz
Patrol Y61 315Mhz
Ruiqi 2005-2019   315Mhz
Sunshine ElectricWave   Bar key 2014 ID46 315Mhz
Sunshine Cefiro A33   2004-2005 ID60 315Mhz
Bluebird Flip key   2016-2017 052418 433.9Mhz
Old ver. with trunk   ID36 315Mhz
Antara 2008-2013 ID46   433Mhz
Opel 433Mhz
93176615 BOSCH 433Mhz
opel001 433Mhz
BOSCH 315Mhz
SY222 433.9Mhz
A1 315Mhz
A3 W/trunk 2008-2012   ID48 315Mhz
A3 W/trunk 2008-2012   433Mhz
A3 W/O trunk Swap   2008-2012 315Mhz
A3 W/O trunk Rely V5   2008-2012 315Mhz
A3 W/O trunk Rely M1   2008-2012 433.9Mhz
A3 W/O trunk Rely M1   Button-Swap 433.9Mhz
A5 W/trunk 2006-2009   ID48 315Mhz
A5 W/trunk 2006-2009   433Mhz
A5 W/O trunk   2006-2009 315Mhz
A5 W/O trunk   2006-2009 433.9Mhz
A5 W/O trunk   button-swap 2006-2009 433.9Mhz
Old A5 Bar key 315Mhz
E5 2013-2015 433.9Mhz
E3 button-swap   2013-2015 433.9Mhz
E3 2015 433Mhz
E5 2011-2014 433.9Mhz
E5 button-swap   2011-2014 433.9Mhz
E5 Integral lock 2012   433Mhz
QQ 9CG 2003-2012   315.5Mhz
QQ 9CG 315Mhz
QQ 9CN 2003-2012   315Mhz
QQ 9CN 2003-2012   433.9Mhz
QQ 9DW 2003-2012   315Mhz
QQ 9DW 2003-2012   433Mhz
QQ 9EU 2003-2012   433Mhz
QQ Soft buttons? Bar key 2016 433Mhz
QQ 9CJ Old Cowin? 315Mhz
QQ 9EH always-on   315Mhz
QQ 9EH blink 315Mhz
Ariza A6L 2013 ID46   433Mhz
Ariza5 2016 ID46   433Mhz
Ariza7 2013 ID46   433Mhz
Fulwin2 2010-2016   433Mhz
Fulwin2 A6L ID46   433Mhz
Karry K50 2015   433.9Mhz
Cowin C3R Copyable   2015 433Mhz
Cowin 3 2-buttons   w/trunk 434Mhz
Cowin 9CN PA6 2010   433Mhz
Kylin G3 433.9Mhz
Kylin G3 ID46 433Mhz
Kylin G3 button-swap   433.9Mhz
Kylin G5 2010-2012   433.9Mhz
Kylin G6 2010-2011   433.9Mhz
Tiggo 3 External   tooth 2014 ID46 433.9Mhz
Tiggo 3X 2017   434.4Mhz
Tiggo 3X FSK 2017   315Mhz
Tiggo 5 A6L 2014-2016   433.9Mhz
Riich X1 2010-2012   ID46 433.9Mhz
Rely? Flip key ID46 433.9Mhz
Yoyo? Yopai?   Fixed code 315Mhz
A1 9CN 0560026 433Mhz
A1 Fixed code 0563602   315Mhz
eQ1 0534674 433.9Mhz
COWIN X3 0538010   433.9Mhz
D50 R50 315Mhz
D50 R50 w/PANIC   315Mhz
D60 2018 433.9Mhz
R30 Parted 2014   433.9Mhz
T70 W/trunk 2015   315Mhz
T70 W/PANIC 2015   315Mhz
M50V 0561562 433.9Mhz
K2 2011-2014 ID46   433Mhz
K2 2015 433.9Mhz
K2 OKA-185T 433Mhz
K3 2013-2015 ID70   433Mhz
K4 2015 New Carens   2015 ID46 433.9Mhz
K4 2016 2016 433.9Mhz
K5 2011-2014 ID46   433Mhz
K5 2015 ID46 433Mhz
K7 Cadenza 433.9Mhz
KX3 15 433.9Mhz
Morning 07901   433.9Mhz
Forte Parted 2009   433Mhz
HuanChi 2017 2017   433.9Mhz
Carens Parted   2005-2013 ID46 315Mhz
Carens Flip key ID46   433Mhz
Carens 2013 ID46   433.9Mhz
Carnival Parted   2004-2006 315Mhz
Carnival Parted Ver.2   ID70 315Mhz
Opirus 3-Buttons   Parted 433Mhz
Opirus 4-Buttons   Parted 315.1Mhz
Accent Single-Buttons   2004-2006 315Mhz
RIO Parted 2005-2007   315Mhz
RIO Bar key   Single-Buttons 433.9Mhz
Cerato 2005-2012   315Mhz
Sportage 2007-2009   315Mhz
Sportage trimming 1   2007-2009 315Mhz
Sportage trimming 2   2007-2009 315Mhz
Sportage trimming 3   2007-2009 315Mhz
Sportage trimming 4   2007-2009 315Mhz
Sportage Flip key   Integrated 2011-2013 433Mhz
Sorento 2009-2012   ID46 433.9Mhz
Sorento -2009 315Mhz
Sorento 2013-2015   ID46 433Mhz
Sorento Parted ID46   315Mhz
Soul Parted 2010-2013   433Mhz
Optima 2005-2006   315Mhz
Sportage 2011-2014   ID46 433Mhz
Sportage 2015 ID46   433Mhz
K3S 0514715 433Mhz
SorentoIMP 2015   0551071 433.9Mhz
750 ID36 315Mhz
750 ID47 433.9Mhz
SAIGECHESHENG 433.92   433.9Mhz
SAIGECHESHENG 434.42   434.4Mhz
Zhengteng 433.9Mhz
Endeavor 2006-2012   ID46 313Mhz
Galant 2007-2012 ID46   315Mhz
Jinchang ID46 434Mhz
ASX 2013-2016 ID46   433.9Mhz
Zinger Bar key   2008-2011 ID4C 315Mhz
Lancer Bar key   Rolling Code 2006-2015 315Mhz
Lancer Bar key   Rolling Code 315Mhz
Soveran Bar key ID46   315Mhz
Outlander Grandis Bar   key 2004-2009 ID46 315Mhz
Outlander Grandis Bar   key 2004-2009 ID46 434Mhz
Pajero IMP Bar key   2010-2016 ID46 434Mhz
Pajero IMP (Old) ID46   313.8Mhz
Pajero V73 V77   2004-2011 315Mhz
Pajero V73 V77 Test   ID46 315Mhz
Pajero V97 V93 V87   ID46 434Mhz
Eclipse Galant IMP   2006-2012 ID46 313Mhz
MIT 6-Buttons 2007   ID46 313Mhz
Lancer EX 2010-2016   ID46 433.9Mhz
ASX 433.9Mhz
G5 315Mhz
Deron New X3000   433.9Mhz
Deron New M3000   315.1Mhz
Deron X3000 2018   0550802 433.9Mhz
SCEO(CEO) 2005-2011   433.9Mhz
Nobel 2007-2012   315Mhz
Actyon 433.9Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   1 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   2 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   3 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   4 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   5 315Mhz
Korando 2 433.9Mhz
Korando 433.9Mhz
Korando 2 433.9Mhz
Korando 3 433.9Mhz
Actyon Rodius Korando   433.9Mhz
Actyon Kyron 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   2 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   3 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   4 315Mhz
Actyon Kyron trimming   5 315Mhz
Kyron 433.9Mhz
Outback 2004 ID62   433.9Mhz
Legacy Bar key 2004   433.9Mhz
Forester Bar key 2009   ID62 433.9Mhz
Subaru ID46 315Mhz
Subaru ID46 433Mhz
New Forester 2017   433.9Mhz
Superb/New   Bora/Sagitar/Golf 2012-2015 ID48 434.4Mhz
Fabia ID48 434Mhz
Lavida 2013- ID48   434.4Mhz
Sagitar(2010-2012)/Octavia   Fabia(2010-) 434Mhz ID48 434Mhz
GL   Jetta/Xinrui/Xindong 2013-2015 ID48 434.4Mhz
Xinrui ID48 434.4Mhz
EV01 315Mhz
Hero 315Mhz
SM1004 w/Mute 315Mhz
SM1004 w/PANIC 315Mhz
Single-Way SM1001-5   SM1035, etc 433.9Mhz
Fixed Code315 ID46   315Mhz
Fixed Code433 433Mhz
Rolling Code ID46   315.5Mhz
Rolling Code Type 2   315.5Mhz
Rolling Code   4-Buttons W/Trunk 433.9Mhz
Rolling Code (Trunk   Buttons Mute) ID46 433.9Mhz
Two-Way SM2013   315.5Mhz
Two-Way 430.8? ID46 430.8Mhz
Two-Way 430.8 W/Trunk   430.8Mhz
Two-Way 431.0 431Mhz
Two-Way 431.5   431.5Mhz
Two-Way   431.5 Short press the mute/long press the trunk button 431.5Mhz
Two-Way 433.92   433.9Mhz
Two-Way 786.6 W/Trunk   786.6Mhz
Two-Way 786.6 W/Trunk   Exclusive Remote 786.6Mhz
Two-Way SM2032-10 786   W/trunk 786Mhz
Two-Way SM2032-10 786   Exclusive Remote 786Mhz
Two-Way SM2036 786   Exclusive Remote 786.6Mhz
Two-Way SM2036 786   786.6Mhz
315.5 Red Light   Rolling Code 315.5Mhz
Rolling Code Type 2   0550546 433.9Mhz
315 315Mhz
LX918 Fixed Code   433.9Mhz
FSK G238010 434Mhz
FSK P428016 315Mhz
727 433.9Mhz
G3 433.9Mhz
737 ID46 433.9Mhz
VOLVO Flip key   433.9Mhz
Honkon Bar key   button-swap 2009-2015 315.5Mhz
Honkon S (SK1006)   Fixed Code 2014 315Mhz
Honkon S Flip key   2014-2016 315Mhz
Hongtu? 315.5Mhz
YangGuang 2004   433.9Mhz
Journey? 433.9Mhz
HonkonS No Chip(Fixed   Code) 0535442 433.9Mhz
D-MAX 2015 433.9Mhz
Mindray CA100015241   V1 433.9Mhz
Mindray CA100016460   V2 2016 433.9Mhz
ISUZU pickup 433.9Mhz
ISUZU? QingLing pickup 433.9Mhz
WAW 433.9Mhz
UFO 433.9Mhz
WAW(New) Flip key   053698 433.9Mhz
95430-3K300 315Mhz
I30 2008-2012 ID46   433Mhz
IX25(RKE_4F17) 2015   ID46 433Mhz
IX35 2016 433.9Mhz
IX45 2013/New Santa   Fe 433.9Mhz
Veloster 2011-2015   ID46 433.9Mhz
Huiyi Single-Buttons   433Mhz
Coupe 2-Buttons   433Mhz
Coupe 2-Buttons   311Mhz
Coupe 3-Buttons   Parted 433.9Mhz
Elantra 2015 433.9Mhz
Genesis 2008-2015   315Mhz
Genesis 2008-2015   ID46 433Mhz
Elantra ID70 433.9Mhz
Sonata NFC Parted   2009 ID46 433Mhz
mistra 433.9Mhz
mistra 1 ID70   433.9Mhz
MoInca 3-Buttons   Parted 2009 433.9Mhz
MoInca 2009 433.9Mhz
New Santa Fe 2013   433.9Mhz
Verna 2010 ID46   433Mhz
Verna ID46 433Mhz
Santa Fe IMP 2005   ID46 315Mhz
Santa Fe IMP Parted   2005 ID46 433Mhz
Sonata 2004-2008   311Mhz
Sonata 2004-2008   315Mhz
Sonata 8 2010-2015   433.9Mhz
Sonata 8 2 ID46   433.9Mhz
Sonata 9 433.9Mhz
Terrancan 308   Mega? Meiyou ID46 308Mhz
Tucson Parted W/PANIC   2006-2009 ID46 315100
Tucson Parted W/PANIC   2006-2009 ID46 433Mhz
Tucson/Elantra-Celesta/Elantra-Avante   IX35 2015 433.9Mhz
Tucson/Elantra-Celesta/Elantra-Avante   IX35 2 2015 ID46 433.9Mhz
New Santa Fe   2013-2015 ID46 315Mhz
Accent Bar key   2006-2011 315Mhz
Accent IMP 2010   433Mhz
Azera 2006-2015 ID46   315Mhz
Azera 2014 433.9Mhz
Elantra Parted   2004-2012 315Mhz
Elantra Parted 1   2004-2012 315Mhz
Elantra Parted -2005   ID46 433Mhz
Elantra 14 433.9Mhz
NF SONATA Parted   2005-2009 ID46 315Mhz
Elantra-Celesta   Parted 1 2008 ID46 315.1Mhz
Elantra-Celesta   Parted 2 2008 ID46 315Mhz
Elantra-Celesta   Integrated 2008 ID46 433Mhz
Elantra-Celesta Flip   key 2011 ID46 433Mhz
Mistra 2014 0559506   433.9Mhz
Verna 2017-2018   0538770 ID47 433.9Mhz
YUDEA T80 315Mhz
Epica 2013 ID70   433.9Mhz
Captiva 2012-2015   ID46 433Mhz
Aveo Bar key   2-buttons ID48 433.9Mhz
Aveo Bar key   2-buttons Type2 433.9Mhz
Spark Bar 315Mhz
Spark Flip 315Mhz
Lova 2006-2010 ID48   433.9Mhz
Lova no chip   2006-2010 433.9Mhz
Lova Bar key   2006-2010 ID48 433.9Mhz
Lova Bar key with   trunk 2006-2010 ID48 433.9Mhz
Lova RV Flip key ID4D   433Mhz
Lova IMP? 48chip ID48 433.9Mhz
Sail 433.9Mhz
Sail Bar key 2014   433.9Mhz
Sail Flip key 2015   ID4D 433Mhz
Sail Parted ID40   315Mhz
Spark 2011 315Mhz
The 1st type ID48   433Mhz
Elysee Parted   2004-2005 ID33 315Mhz
Elysee Bar key   2007-2012 ID46 433Mhz
Elysee(old)? Parted ID33 433.92Mhz
FuKang? White?   Parted 315Mhz
Jiefang blink -2008   315Mhz
Jiefang 315Mhz
Jiefang Tiger V Truck   433.9Mhz
JiefangJ6 Blue   central control board Fixed Code 315Mhz
JiefangJ6 2018   0533906 433.9Mhz
Jiefang Han V Red   central control board 0535698 315Mhz
Jiefang Tian V/Tu   V/Han V/Long V 0546706 315Mhz
Red flag century star   315Mhz
Hongta blue ship T340   433.9Mhz
Junpai D60 2015 ID47   433.9Mhz
Oley 2012 433Mhz
Vela? 2009 ID4C 315Mhz
Vela Ver.2 2009   315Mhz
VizhiV5Flip key 47   chip 315Mhz
Charade   N5(2014-)/N7(2015-) 315Mhz
Charade N7 2014 Flip   key 315Mhz
Junpai A50 0534162   433.9Mhz
Junpai CX65 0534162   433.9Mhz
Nanjing? Iveco (Old) 433.9Mhz
Nanjing? Iveco (New) 433.9Mhz
Iveco(Old) Parted   315Mhz
YueJin/ChaoYueC300   433.9Mhz
ChaoYue C500 0543128   433.9Mhz
A380 Flip key   trimming? 433.9Mhz
A380 Flip key   433.9Mhz
UFO A380 434.4Mhz
Single-door Fixed   Code 315Mhz
Two-door Coach   315.5Mhz
Coach Two-door 315Mhz
330 Lewei V6 433.9Mhz
EV 433.9Mhz
CS15 Flip key 2016 :   433Mhz
CS15 Adjust 433Mhz
CS35 2012- 433.9Mhz
CS35 433.9Mhz
CS35 2016-2017   433.9Mhz
CS55? 433.9Mhz
CS75 Flip key 2015   433Mhz
CS75 Flip key   2015-2016 433Mhz
CX20 Integrated H02   H03 PCB 2011-2014 433.9Mhz
CX20 Bar key   2011-2014 433.9Mhz
CX30 Integrated H02   H03 PCB 2010-2012 433.9Mhz
CX30 Bar key   2010-2012 433.9Mhz
CX70? 2016 433.9Mhz
V3 2016 433.9Mhz
V3 B501 H0.3 433.9Mhz
Benni Bar key 06-08   315Mhz
Benni 2015 433.9Mhz
Benni MINI 2010-2012   433.9Mhz
Benni MINI A Bar key   2010-2012 433Mhz
Benni MINI B Bar key   2010-2012 433Mhz
Chang’an star   2009-2013 433.9Mhz
Taurus star Bar key   2011-2013 315Mhz
Taurus star Bar key 2   2011-2013 315Mhz
Taurus star Flip key   433.9Mhz
Linmax 2017-2018   433.9Mhz
Oulove 2013-2015   433.9Mhz
Honor 433.9Mhz
Honor 1 433.9Mhz
Honor 2 433.9Mhz
Auchan? 433.9Mhz
Auchan A800 433.9Mhz
Raeton 2013 433.9Mhz
Raeton 2016 433Mhz
Raeton 1 2013   433.9Mhz
Raeton CC 433.9Mhz
Raeton M80 M90 2014   433.9Mhz
Shenqi F30 433.9Mhz
Xingka S201 2014-2015   433.9Mhz
Eado? blink 2016 433Mhz
Eado? Flip key 2012-2014 ID46 433.9Mhz
Eado? Bar key 2012-2016 ID46 433.9Mhz
Eado? Flip key 1 2015 ID46 433Mhz
Eado? Whiteboard(PCB) 2017 ID46 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V3 1 2014   433.9Mhz
Alsvin V3 2 2016   433.9Mhz?
Alsvin V5 Integrated   H02 H03 PCB 2012 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V5 Bar key   2012 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V7 2015 433Mhz
Alsvin V7 1 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V7 Flip key   blink 2015 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V7 Bar key   2015 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V7 Flip   key? 433.9Mhz
Alsvin V7 Flip key   Red PCB 2 ID46 433Mhz
ZhiXiang Airtx system   H01 2008-2010 433.9Mhz
ZhiXiang Bar key   2008-2010 433.9Mhz
Eado XT 1 2013   433.9Mhz
Eado XT 2 ID46 433Mhz
CS15 2018 0530585   433.9Mhz
CS75 2017 0542619   433Mhz
C30 2013 ID46   433.9Mhz
C30 2015 ID46   433.9Mhz
C30 Florid M4 Ver.2   ID46 315.5Mhz
C50 2012-2016 ID46   433Mhz
C50 2012 ID46   433.9Mhz
Haval H1 BlueFocus   433.9Mhz
Haval H3 H5 CUV(old)   Flip key ID46 433.9Mhz
Haval H5 Bar key 433   433.9Mhz
Haval H3 H5 CUV(old)   Flip key 2 433.9Mhz
Haval H5 Bar   key433.92 433.9Mhz
Haval   M2 Bar key 3-Buttons Copyable 2010-2014 ID48 433.9Mhz
Haval M4 Bar key   2-Buttons Copyable 2012-2015 433.9Mhz
Haval M4 2013-2014   ID46 433.9Mhz
Haval M4 2015 ID46   433.9Mhz?
V80 2011-2013   315.5Mhz
V80 Ver.2 2011-2013   315.5Mhz
Sailing 315Mhz
Wingle 315Mhz
Wingle Korean Ver.   ID48 315.5Mhz
Wingle 3 315.5Mhz
Wingle 3 433.9Mhz
Wingle 5 2013   315.5Mhz
Wingle 5 2017 ID46   433.9Mhz
Wingle 5 European   Ver. 2011 ID46 433.9Mhz
Wingle 5 Pickup   (Diesel) 2011 ID48 315.5Mhz
Wingle 5 Petrol   315.4Mhz
Wingle 5 blink ID46   433.9Mhz
Wingle   5 Pickup (Diesel)? European Ver. 2011   ID46 433.9Mhz
Wingle 6 2014 ID46   433.9Mhz
Haval CUV   (compatibility M4 Bar key) ID46 433.9Mhz
Haval H1 Rolling Code   1 2016 433.9Mhz
Haval H1 2015 ID46   433.9Mhz
Haval H1 Flip key   2015 ID46 433.9Mhz
Haval H5 2010 ID46   433.9Mhz
Haval H5 Euro Ver.   Always-On 2010 ID46 433.9Mhz
Haval H6 2011 ID46   433Mhz
Peri M1 315Mhz
Coolbear   Bar key 3-Buttons Copyable 2009-2010 ID48 433.9Mhz
Coolbear Cowry Bar   key 3-Buttons 2009-2010 ID48 315.5Mhz
Phelex H3 2009-2010   315.5Mhz
Seyfer 13-pin   2003-2006 433.9Mhz?
Seyfer 8-pin   2003-2016 315Mhz
Sailin(Old) 8-pin   315Mhz
Saiying 2004-2009   315Mhz
Florid 2009-2011 ID48   315.5Mhz
Florid Button Type 2   2009-2011 ID46 315.5Mhz
Wingle 7 2018 0564379   433.9Mhz
ZD EV 315Mhz
Sunrise Pickup 315Mhz
H220 H230 3E01 2011   ID46 433Mhz
H320 H330? ID46 433.9Mhz
H530 3C27 2011-2014   ID46 433.9Mhz
H530 AT 15 433.9Mhz
V3 Bar key 2015-2016   433Mhz
V4 V5 AT 17 433.9Mhz
V5 3C27 2011-2015   ID46 433.9Mhz
V5 MT 433.9Mhz
Huasong 47chip   433.9Mhz
Junjie Parted   2005-2010 ID13 315Mhz
Junjie 3D13 2011-2012   ID46 433Mhz
Junjie CORSS 3C25   2009-2012 ID46 434.5Mhz
Junjie FRV 3C25   2008-2010 ID46 434.5Mhz
Junjie FSV 1E19   2008-2010 ID46 433.9Mhz
Junjie FSV 3C25   2009-2011 ID46 434.5Mhz
Galena Parted 2006   ID13 315Mhz
Junjie Wagon 0549266   433.9Mhz
C5 315Mhz
Single-Door Bus   315Mhz
Two-Door Bus 315Mhz
C3 433.9Mhz
Wireless V5 09   433.9Mhz
5008 Bar key   2008-2010 433.9Mhz
5008 Fixed Code   2008-2012 433.9Mhz
5008 2012 433.9Mhz
T600 2 2014-2015   433.9Mhz
T600 2017 433.9Mhz
T600 1 433.9Mhz
T600 Blue(Few Green)   2 433Mhz
Z100 Bar key 2013   433.9Mhz
Z300 Blue(Few Green)2   433Mhz
Z300 1 433.9Mhz
Z300 2 2012-2016   433.9Mhz
DOMY X5 2015 433Mhz
DOMY X5 1 2015   433.9Mhz
Yun 100 Bar key 2014   433.9Mhz
Sesame 433.9Mhz
DOMY X5 3-Buttons   433.9Mhz
T600 FSK 058050   434.5Mhz
SR7 FSK 058050   434.5Mhz
Z360 058050 434.5Mhz
T600C FSK 2017 058050   434.5Mhz
Howo Light   truck/Commander/HanJiang 315Mhz
Howo A7 315Mhz


  1. Lonsdor KH100 can generate the following smart keys:
Lonsdor   KH100 Smart Key Generation List
Cherokee ID4A   433.9MHz
BaoJun 560 ID46   433.92Mhz
BaoJun 730 ID46   433.92Mhz
BaoJun 510 ID46   433.92Mhz
BaoJun 530 ID46   433.92Mhz
Saab D50
Saab X25
Saab X65
Saab D60
Saab D70
Saab X55
Weiwang M50F
Weiwang M60
Saab BJ20
F0 2011- ID46 315MHz
F3 2011- ID46 315MHz
F5 2011- ID46 315MHz
G3 2011- ID46 315MHz
G5 2011- ID46 315MHz
G6 2011- ID46 315MHz
L3 2011- ID46 315MHz
S6 2011- ID46 315MHz
Surui 2011- ID46   315MHz
Sirui 2011- ID46   315MHz
Tang 2011- ID46   315Mhz
Song 2011- ID46   315Mhz
Yuan 2011- ID46   315Mhz
Qin 2011- ID46 315Mhz
GL8 2009-2012 ID46   315MHz
LaCrosse 2009-2012   ID46 315MHz
Regal 2009-2012 ID46   315MHz
Dodge ID46 433.9MHz
Journey ID46 433.9MHz
Peugeot ID46 433MHz
Citroen ID46 433MHz
DS ID46 433MHz
Peugeot ID4A 433MHz
Citroen ID4A 433MHz
DS ID4A 433MHz
DX7-A(old) ID46   433.9MHz
DX3 ID46 433.9MHz
DX7-B(new) ID46   433.9MHz
GS3 ID47 433Mhz
Emgrand EC7 ID46   433MHz
Geely-GC9 ID46 433MHz
Emgrand EC8 ID46   433MHz
BoYue ID4A 433.92Mhz
<4>SRX -15 ID46   315MHz
ATS -2015 ID46 315MHz
XTS -2015 ID46 315MHz
Maserati ID46   433.9MHz
Teana 2009-2013 ID46   315MHz
X-Trail 2014- ID4A   433MHz
Sunny 2010- ID46   315MHz
Tiida 2010- ID46   315MHz
Sentra 2010- ID46   315MHz
March 2010- ID46   315MHz
Bluebird 2017 ID46   433MHz
Sentra 2017 ID46   433.9MHz
Murano ID4A 433.9MHz
Teana 2014-2015 ID47   433MHz
Teana 2016-2017 ID4A   433MHz
Sorento 2014-2015   ID46 433MHz
K5 2014-2015 ID46   433MHz
Forte 2007-2012 ID46   433MHz
MG ID47 433MHz
RX5 ID47 433MHz
ASX ID46 434Mhz
Outlander ID46 434Mhz
Escape ID46 434Mhz
Sonata 8 2007-2012   ID46 433MHz
Sonata(NFC) 2007-2012   ID46 433MHz
Santafe 2007-2012   ID46 433MHz
Sportage R 2007-2012   ID46 433MHz
Cruze 2009-2012 ID46   315MHz
Malibu 2009-2012 ID46   315MHz
QX50 ID46 315MHz
QX60 ID46 315MHz
Q70 ID46 315MHz
Q50 ID4A 433MHz
Q50L ID4A 433MHz
H6(new) -2017 ID46   433.9MHz
H2(new) -2017 ID46   433.9MHz
H6(Old) ID46   433.92Mhz
Domy X7 ID47   433.92Mhz
SR7 ID47 433.92Mhz
SR9 ID47 433.92Mhz
CS10 ID47 433.92Mhz
Z700 ID47 433.92Mhz


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