Ktag 7.020 “Hardware configuration not supported” Solution

Some users feedback KTAG 7.020 pops up an error “Hardware configuration not supported“, for example when they read any of bosch ME9.2 ECU, EDC16U34, EDC16U1, sid206, maps, E53 4.4 N62 DME ME 9.2 etc.


Then how to fix this problem? Here I have sorted out some solutions:

Possible reason 1:

Use Kess instead, KESS works perfectly. KESS is reading and writing it.


Possible reason 2:

Try BDM 100, if you have, it’s best for BDM this ecu (Bosch ME9.2 ECU)

Or FGTECH is better at BDM reads than KTAG. Especially a KTAG clone.


Possible reason 3:

Open ecu and check bdm pins with needles.

For example, we were doing on BDM pins. Actually fitst thought that one of the pin is dirty but it turned out it’s completely missing… So this was the issue. Bdm pins damaged. Most probably ecu got water damaged. Ecu is placed in standing position with connectors upwards and if water goes in it will drain down and concentrate around bdm pins.


Possible reason 4:

BMW ME9.2 second hand dme is easy to virginize and sync to car, even if you don’t have old dme.

You just have to make sure it’s the same hardware as before, sync EWS-DME, and then flash with WinKFP and code with NCS Expert.

Send someone the last 7 of VIN and they can look up the flash version it would need for WinKFP…

Possible reason 5:

The voltage that reaches the ecu is insufficient, check the power supply and the bdm adapter. For example, in bosch ME7.xxx you have to put the power supply above 13.40v.


For example:

so I simulated the same ME7 .xxx reading using both adapters.


with the 12V 2A adapter , the ktag voltage output to ECU was 11.6

with the 13.8 25A power supply the voltage was 13.5 …


so it’s clear that ktag uses the build in buck converter and regulators just for proprietary use and to power up the ecu will pretty much use the “raw” voltage / current from the input source.

ktag 7.020 hardware configuration not supported solution 01 - Ktag 7.020 "Hardware configuration not supported" Solution - buck converter and regulators


Possible reason 6:

Problem with the socket.



Good luck!


KTAG 7.020, BDM 100 and FGTECH tech support: https://www.obdexpress.co.uk/

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