Free Download Ford IDS V112

December 17, 2018 sales 0

Free Download Ford IDS V112!xQsAiY5K!KnI7rz_dqPbTMPkZJAzIxkGJXBNswPqHHOnaeIXUyrk Security Version: Version: V112.01 Multi-language: English,German, French, Italian, Dutch,Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish,Norwegian, Portuguese(European),Portuguese(Brazil) Compatible with all ford VCM VCM […]

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How to use Nissan Consult 3 Plus with VAS5054a/Bosch KTS xxx

December 3, 2018 sales 0

Instruction: Nissan Consult 3 plus PASSTHRU for AVDI, VAS5054A, KTSxxx   VAS5054A   C:\CONSULT-III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\CommonSetting\DiagnosticTool.ini …………. [device] vi_device_name=VAS5054#(serien nummer vas) ;vi_device_name=Alliance-VI ;vi_device_name=PassThru+ XS [mode] debug_mode=TRUE debug_mode_vehicle_battery=TRUE […]