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Clone FGTech Galletto Master V50,V51,V53 and V54

June 1, 2015 sales 0

There are several FgTech Galletto ECU tuning kits available in, V50, V51, V53 and V54. What are the similarities and differences among these versions? 1. FGTECH Galletto 2 V50 Master with BDM Adapter Item No: SE61-D Continue Reading →

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OBDSTAR X-100 PRO compared with old X-100+

May 29, 2015 sales 0

The newly release of OBDSTAR X-100 PRO arouse the hot discuss among locksmiths about what it can do. To clarify what it add compared with x100+, I list what our engineer verified working as follows. What function and features verified working better compared with old X100+: 1.Able to program EEPR Continue Reading →

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A good place to get BMW EWS HU58 remote

May 12, 2015 sales 0

If you are finding a good place to get BMW EWS HU58 remote from, and not too bothered if they’re remanufactured, as long as they work okay. Why not just order from china. I buy tools from and also bought 2 remote keys for BMW EWS and they are in very good condition and wor Continue Reading →

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Corolla 2012 G type add key

May 6, 2015 sales 0

Question: I did many Corolla G type before and always success to add a key on corolla 2011-2012 and it allways gscan asked for any working key, but now i get error “not a master key”. Optional solution one: Add key no need immobox if u have Toyota Techstream, try using Techstream is b Continue Reading →