2005 Lexus GX470 Key Programming Reviews + Tutorial

This is a tutorial of for those being the first 2005 GX470 owner to “program” the key.


I had a bit of a problem at first with programming the key but it was due to the “timing” where you had to press one or two of the buttons within 2 seconds after opening and closing the door…


For the record, by “programming” I mean that I was able to get a brand new replacement key to function with my 2005 GX470 for the following functions:


Lock doors

Unlock doors

Panic button


The key still had to go back to the dealer to have it keyed for the ignition kill start. But everything else worked fine.


Note: ignition kill start

The ignition kill start is the FACTORY LEXUS ignition starter kill. Embedded in the the on board LEXUS vehicle is a master component/computer that prevents any attempts to hotwire/jump start the vehicle, like in the movies (eg, break glass, open door, rip panel from under steering wheel, rip wires and splice/short the wires…)


The LEXUS system I believe is called the IMMOBILIZER (?) and it will NOT allow the car/truck to start without the decoded encoded onto the KEY FOB. I told a fib to my dealer and told them that my “factory” key stopped working for the ignition, everything else worked, doors unlock/lock/panic, key turns in (locksmith cut it for me…), dealer cheerfully reprogrammed the key no charge.


Programming instructions – as requested

System Operation:


Pressing LOCK button activates alarm and central locking.

Pressing UNLOCK button one deactivates alarm and unlocks driver’s door only.

Pressing UNLOCK button twice within 3 seconds deactivates alarm and unlocks all doors.

If vehicle is unlocked and doors or trunk/tailgate not opened within 30 seconds, locks/alarm are reactivated.





* Key remote transmitter added or replaced.

* System malfunction



* Driver’s door open, all other doors closed, key removed from ignition switch.

* Within 5 seconds:

* Insert and remove the key from the ignition switch twice.

* Within 40 seconds:

* Close and open the driver’s door twice.

* Insert and remove the key from the ignition switch.

* Within 40 seconds:

* Close and open the driver’s door twice.

* Insert the key into the ignition switch and close the driver’s door.

* Switch ignition ON and OFF once to program a key remote transmitter code whilst retaing the original codes or twice to program a remote transmitter code whilst erasing the original codes. Three times to check how many key remote transmitters are currently registered or five times to erase all registered codes.

* Remove key from ignition ****ch:

* System should now lock and unlock vehicle. Once, twice or five times depending which mode has been selected. One to four times, slowly, to indicate number of key remote transmitters registered.

* Within 40 seconds:

* Press and hold LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for 1.5 seconds.

* Within 3 seconds:

* Press and release LOCK or UNLOCK button.

* System should now lock and unlock vehicle once to confirm registration, twice to indicate registration has failed.

* Within 40 seconds:

* Repeat button procedure to program remaining key remote transmitters.


NOTE: To exit programming mode: Open driver’s door or insert ignition key.

NOTE: A maximum of 4 key remote transmitters can be programmed.

NOTE: Lexus key programming tool if you need: VXDIAG VCX Nano Lexus


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