MPPS V21 Price?

July 18, 2018 sales 0

This is for those looking for a cheap MPPS V21 cable from China. FYI, you are NOT advised to have MPPS V21 China clone!   If you have MPPS V21 clone, your interface might be locked. Look here: MPPS V21 = Failure   V21 Was released AS A TIME BOMB for clones LOL. Any V21 software will ki Continue Reading →


How To Use MPPS V21 To Read An Write PSG16

March 16, 2018 sales 0

Have luck with PSG16 read and write by MPPS V21 cable.       read, write PSG16 connecting cables can Opel Zafira 2.2 cables line can green, white sheathed, must be stripped strand of cables next to battery green cable can-h white cable can-l blue wire to green wire orange cable t Continue Reading →


MPPS Software Hardware 1.09.03

July 26, 2017 sales 0

2017 MPPS cable: MPPS software 1.09.03   Mpps v21 china clone: with mpps v21 china, you’ll have the blocked interface after flashing ecu for 10 times around. so, forget mpps v21, mpps v18 should be better for you: Continue Reading →


MPPS V21 V18 V16 Car List Download Free

July 17, 2017 sales 0

  MPPS V21 car list, MPPS V18 car list, MPPS V16 car list…. This information is aimed for those with MPPS cables, talking about what models can and cannot be tuning.   MPPS V21 download: Continue Reading →

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July 10, 2017 sales 0

This is for your information: Looking for MPPS V21. There are only 2 variants for the moment ORIGINAL and CLONE. Clone you can buy for 100EU or less and ORI for 2500EU. Thanks for comments:   mpps v21 reviews:   Read written FLESH + MPC + EEPROM fiat marely 6f3, OK through OBD. There Continue Reading →


MPPS v21 v18 v16 v13 software download

October 21, 2016 sales 0

This clone MPPS tools are a 1:1 of the original. Here download the crack mpps software v21 v18 v16 v13 with buying cables together.   MPPS software download: MPPS V21 software download MPPS V18 download MPPS V16 clone MPPS V13 software   MPPS V21 software update info:   OBD: – Continue Reading →