Toyota Lexus 4D 4C cloning tool recommend

1.Clone of Toyota 4D transponder
For the cloning of Toyota/Lexus 4D ID 67,68,70 use the version 2.7.2 of EFfi software + Clone Zedbull +CN2. No TPX cloner is needed.(at the moment, covers only Toyota /Lexus 4D transponder chip).

You can also use the Tmpro2 and software 65 for the copying of all Toyota 4D and all 4D61, 62, 63 …….etc.. by adding to this the Chinese TPX cloner.

That is Tmpro2 + Software 65 +Chinese TPX cloner = to cloning of all 4D transponder Chip without internet connection

2. Clone 4C transponder
1. The CN2 or YS-01 transponders can be used with Clone Zedbull for 4C transponder cloning only and only if they are previously configured from their 4D initial configuration AAAxx to 4C.And at present, only Tmpro2 can program do this.

In fact this is what i have done with my Tmpro2 + Software 64 + CN2 or YS01. I cloned a 4C transponder into a CN2 using Tmpro2 + Software 64 with this now configured as 4C, i followed the procedure below and it works 100%

Power the Zedbull> select copy transponder > put the key to be copied in the antenna > Enter > Read > remove the original key > put the CN2 transponder previously configures as 4C in the antenna > Press W > select 3 EH2 > wait the message verify and successful to be displayed that is all.

Moreover, i also found that even when already configured as 4C it would not program successfully when program from dump as TPX1/EH2.So just good for 4C cloning and useful for those having the possibility to previously configured it as 4C.

2. You can also use the YS-01 transponders which is another version of CN1 + CN2 transponder you are describing. I also used these and you can have them at .

ys-01 can do:
Can be used to clone ID4D 67, 68 and 70 for TOYOTA. In addition can be used

1) for transponder programming from dump where TPX2/EH2 is needed (I think the mate gwee also confirmed this)
2) Can be used for transponder generation ID 61,62……….70 using the EFfi Image Generator Menu where only and only TPX2/EH2 is requested. Note that for all the above to work the transponder should have all its pages set as AA AA AAAAAA.

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